Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pictures from the MTC

These pictures are in no particular order. However, they are all from the Elder Sam Arrington's MTC stay.
                    My district and the old HK district, with our fancy leg crossing. This was at the Provo temple.
                        The Elders I played soccer with Poland, Bulgaria, Phillipines and a few other places.
 Elder Godwin and I, he gave a me a matching tie he found in the free tie rack haha they have epic elephants on them!
                                                            Me and Elder (Josh) Clason

                                                            Outside the temple on a temple walk.

Got my companion Elder Morton to do a karate kick across the room and caught it with my camera. 

                                        Me and my district, awkwardly in front of the famous MTC map.

 Picture with the old HK district (Top row: Parker, Allen, Sibach, Morton, Kimball, me. Bottom: Cutler, Law, Lin, Heaton).
                               Me and my teacher Gu hingdaih (it has a weird color or something to it).
                                       Me and Taylor Haymen (college buddy), we missed each other...
                                                              Me and Taylor posting up.
                                     Awkward hands with Elder Weire (Poland), Elder I play soccer with.
 Elder Weire, me and Elder Harris (both Poland) I played soccer for 6 weeks with them I was super close with them.
                                          Elder Hoy, my Candian friend I played soccer with (Bulgria).
  Elder Greenacre, I played soccer with him. We were pretty tight, he left 4 weeks ago. He is from the London, him and I dominated the pitch. haha
 Elder Heui and I, he is from Hong Kong (lives in Canada) helped me a bit with my Cantonese and told me a lot about it. He is pretty sick, I think he is in Cali for a bit because his mission is full?
                                                                A great picture of me Price Jeff and Jordan. haha

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