Sunday, December 8, 2013

November 24, 2013

In all honesty I think the only way to maintain my Cantonese is to comunicate with my friends here as much as possible and the ones that come to America to study because I really don't think I am going to meet that many Hong Kong people in America. I do plan to learn Mandarin sooo that should help me maintain grammar but it is pretty different. Yeah I want to do an internship here, I met a return mission (Bro Jolly) who served like 2 years back and got to be here for 6 months to do some work. So I might try that. 

A Wing is doing great, he should be able to make his baptismal date of December 8th! He has changed dramatically since I've gotten here (nothing to do with me), he is more easily able to recognize the spirit and that is what is helping him the most. We are seeing him again tonight to finish up commandments and hopefully set up his interview. He is pretty excited soooo things are going well for us!

Patrick is just amazing... So we saw him last Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday at the lesson on Tuesday he told us he couldn't come to church because of work this week but he really wanted to. He said and awesome prayer and we ended out lesson. Ten minutes latter he called me and Elder Allen back and started talking about baptism and told us he actually wants to get baptized in December! SOOOO yeah we gotta work to do to help him! He text us later last week on Thursday saying he got work off to come to church and we were soooo stoked! But he got sick Saturday evening with the flu and couldn't make church yesterday but we have him scheduled for Tuesday soooo its all good!

Every thing else is going well here!! My only request for my next package is Men's Gellet deodorant, I like it more than this brand I have. 

My camera is an Olympus tough TG-1, I saw in a store here they now have a TG-2 (its a little bit better was reading the specs). AWESOME camera soooo worth selling my two long boards. This thing has lasted sooo much abuse!


 Went for a Hike with my original district from the MTC in Tuen Muen this last pday and got a pretty good view of the city haha. Nothing like Hong Kong, mountains and cities where ever you go.
 This is everyone on the hike (us and all of our companions, Elder Morton actually has two comps at the moment) yaya super fun stuff!
Yup this is my district all grown up! Sister Cutler, Sister Law, Elder Morton and I. My sisters go home like the second week of December. So that's pretty crazy, that will mark the beginning of the last portion of my mission... crazy

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