Sunday, June 1, 2014

April 6, 2014

I am doing well. Tired and exhausted from meetings this week but well. I am very excited for conference this week.... It is the only weekend I get to physically rest (mentally and spiritually I get destroyed by some of the talks...).

As you know as a Zone Leader we have a lot of meetings and things we must organize but the first week of every month is just a truck load of work and soooo exhausting. So this Tuesday we took the Tong's over to the bishops home (the sisters came with an investigator too) and had dinner then a message. Wednesday from 9am to 3 pm President Hawks has a training meeting with the Zone Leaders and Sister training leaders. We are training on the things to help the zones, give reports on our zone, talk about our plans/goals for the next month, and then President Hawks normally has a discussion part at the end (which is always edifying -- This is all in preparation for Zone training meeting on Friday). Then Wednesday night we also have English class... Thursday we have weekly planning to help prepare for the next week. Planning for lessons and other things. (For us it normally takes three hours). Then Thursday night we meet with Brother Tong, a high councilor, to discuss all the current baptismal dates in the Stake and other info... (Normally an hour). Then FRIDAY we have zone training meeting from 10am to 1pm where we share from what President Hawks trained us on, give them the goals/plans for the next month, then train them in some missionary skills (teaching, finding, etc). THEN that night we meet with President Hawks and President Li (the stake president) to report on the zone and discuss things. We report on all returning LA's, all current baptismal dates, all recent converts, ward/mission relationships and a lot of other things... Normally an hour and half... THEN ON top of the that we have to meet with our investigators, less actives and recent converts through out the week.... OH AND ON TOP OF THAT we have to do language pass offs with missionaries (a program set-up for the Zone Leaders to help all other missionaries Chinese/English grow...). SO my point is the first week of every month is the CRAZIEST week every time.... I am soooo tired :O

Basically that is this week...

Sister Tong got confirmed at church this week and she as me and Elder Groesbeck to participate as well, so that was awesome! Her husband gave an awesome blessing and I am really excited to teach ABL's (after baptism lessons) and talk about the temple more.

Fanny and Patrick are doing awesome. They couldn't come to church BUT they really want too. They should however be able to make at least part of conference.

 Hey this is me and Elder Falk out in a part of our area Olympic! It has a crazy view, check it out!
 This is the night time view of Hong Kong island from Olympic! Its so beautiful. Hong Kong is a pretty magical place and you will never find the views you find here!
 We also got to stop by the temple today so just a quick temple pic!
Ya... since my camera is water proof I decided to take a picture from the little fountain in the front. Haha one of the missionaries with us was freaking out when she watched me just place my camera in the fountain ha.

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