Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 26, 2014

Things are going pretty great out here in Hong Kong, our zone has had a ton of blessings (and trials of faith). So its been a pretty good month. In the reporting month of January we had 4 baptisms and 4 confirmations! (Our goal was original 3 so we got more, ya yay!) We have had some struggles in other areas (as far as numbers go) but we have set up new ones for next month with some sweet plans/actions to help the zone. We came up with three1. Look towards conversion    - meaning we have things given to us in our planners and in PMG on how to see if someone is converted. (Chapter 8 in PMG) We want the missionaries to start looking on how to help in conversion not just teaching lessons to our investigators. We want people to focus on getting people into the Book of Mormon -- We feel like people understand that reading is important and they share scriptures with their investigators but the ones that aren't progressing are the ones that are not really reading the Book of Mormon. We have a couple other ideas on how to help our missionaries ... kind of to lazy to write them all :) <32. Look towards exact obedience   - we want missionaries who are trying to be the best people and missionaries they can be. I think everyone wants that but they are getting lazy in certain parts of the work. Last move we focused only on studies (Ie personal, comp and language) now we want to step it up and help them in all aspects of the work. So this is the purpose here -- Once again we have more details I am just feeling a little to lazy to write them all.3. THE ATONEMENT

  - We want all the missionaries to true understand the Atonement. If we really did understand it we wouldn't be scared to share this gospel, we would love everyone, we would be exactly obedient, so on and so forth. We really want to get them to understand this principle of truth before they share it with their investigators. Once again we got some more ideas to go along with this too.

Yeah we are working on the zone right now that's really the big news because this week was okay. We didn't get to see everyone because Chinese new years is coming up so people are starting to prepare for that and some are heading up to mainland so that is kind of been a little annoying but its all good. Still had a decent amount of success. Taught 6mp 5 other lesson and 3 rclas soo still teaching a lot.

Sis Tong is doing great, we saw her on saturday! I love going to her home, there is just something special about teaching a family.
It's cool Madeline is home... Kind of weird to think about that though, means I am right around the corner. (About 6 months) Kind of sad. Still need to move on with life right? President Hawks share some pretty cool stuff about coming home. He said like I don't want you looking forward to going while on your mission but you need to understand you can't reach your eternal potienal unless you finish your mission (ie marriage, career, etc). So I look forward to it but I am not look for it right now. Yay something like that. :D

 We had a baptism! This is Fantasy the sister's investigator!
ME and Elder Beal just swaggin out! :D

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