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February 14, 2013 - Chinese New Year delays p-day letter

Chinese year was a bit hectic. This Monday we had Deep Cleaning. WOOOOOO! We spend ALL FREAKING day in our flat cleaning it (from 9 am to 5pm ish)... it was crazy. WE CLEANED EVERYTHING! Elder Bradley and I almost died from waxing the floors holy crap... We took this cap and filled it and it was suppose to cover 2 x 2 sq ft and we went under a bed and I threw it in the corner and Bradley and I scrubbed it everywhere but it covered like 16 x 16 sq ft and we almost died from the smell! Jeez... It was okay though. Tuesday was our actually p-day and we hiked a place called Monkey Mountain...  its a hike filled with wild monkeys WOOOO! super crazy.

The work in this area is still going pretty swell! We have a lot of new investigators and our current ones are progressing pretty well. It also helps that we have such awesome fellow-shippers like Melody, Felix, Joyce, Millie (older sister), and Gou Bak (high priest). My ward here is SOOOO amazing and I don't want to leave because I have heard most wards aren't as helpful or amazing as CWB is. I love it here. Kiko is doing well we want her to get baptized soon but she picked the day May 12th for her baptism. So she will get baptized but she wants to wait and she said (I think I kind of forgot) it was due to school work and testing. She wants to wait until its over to get baptized. (We'll see about that haha). Anson is doing well and we are waiting to meet with Clement he has been pretty busy with Chinese New Years.
This was our dinner last Sunday soooo good... haha we all made it

Melody and Kiko! Kiko is Melody's friend and she is super amazing she is gonna get baptized soon!

Sooo... this week was Chinese New Years and to celebrate all missionaries do a "Deep Clean." We spend all day (9am to 6pm) cleaning our flat! Bradley and I had to wax the floors... it was dangerous...

The reason why it was dangerous was because the bottle was wrong when it said the a filling of the lid would cover 2x2 sq feet but instead covered 16 x 16 sq ft... We started under this bed and almost died from the fumes from it... awesome...

Us celebrating after we finished waxing everything! I hate cleaning...

Me and Felix on a bridge.

So for p-day on Tuesday we went with Felix and couple other people to go hike Monkey Mountain! Its covered in these cute little guys!

Me and Felix hiking when all of a sudden this epic beam of light came from heaven for this picture?

 This is the most relaxed/peaceful place of Hong Kong I've been. I really wanna go back and fish... I don't like fishing but I wanna relax and take a nap there...

Me and Felix by the most peaceful place in Hong Kong.... the perfect lake!

To show you why HK is so crazy... you can see at the end of the valley these huge cranes and city stuff so weird...

Here is the food again! sooooo awesome

E. Krainock attacking rice and Sis Wong confused? haha

Yesterday we visited/ate with our ward corelater Bro Lam he is awesome and we ate some AMAZING FOOD :)

 So Bro/Sis Lam had a baby in Nov and she held my finger soooo cute!!! (That's her grand mother by the way)

Someone gave me and Elder Krainock some awesome polo caps!

Funny story before I go. Wednesday we were suppose to meet Anson at 6:30pm and around 6:20pm I took Felix down stairs to wait for him (E. Krainock was with Johnny talking to another investiagor -- Jason Poon). On the ground floor we have two sets of doors one on the west and the east (relativly) and I saw a girl walking past the west doors and I told Felix "She looks like I could baptize her, if she comes in it will totally happen." Of course she walks by the door, but then out of no where she walks through the east doors... She pulled out her phone to take a picture of our church name. I was in shock... Felix was a little but then he was like well go to talk to her! So I said hi and she asked if she could take some pictures (because all chinese people love that) and I was like "yes." Turns out she was on vaction from Mainland so she spoke mandarin; so Felix and I gave her a tour of the building and shared a little about our church. (He translated everything because I cant speak any Mandarin; just really simple stuff). I got her number and stuff and she is suppose to stop by soon before she goes home! It was really weird. Also side note before she left she asked to take a picture with me... Mainlanders LOVE pictures with white missionaries... LOVE IT haha

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