Monday, February 4, 2013

February 3, 2013

Some good news! We've been teaching Kiko for just under three weeks (three weeks this Saturday  and she has been to church 3 time already! So E. Krainock and I decided to give her a baptismal date of Feb 24th at the end of the month. Which is super close but we know she is totally ready. She is a little scared because she doesn't know how her parents will react but she was will to pray and think about it. I really hope she does! 
We also have some other good new investigators. I found a guy named Anson last Thursday and we met with him on Saturday.  
Some elders in ShaTin (far from us) called with some potential phone numbers from about three years back and got a hold of this man named Clement (around 27) and said he moved to Causeway Bay and would still be willing to meet with missionaries. He told us no missionaries really met with him 3 years ago but he just recently started looking into religion because he felt like he was missing something without a God. 
We have a couple more but lets just say we are still doing pretty great here. 
This last week we had 5 members present lessons and 11 other lessons. I'm pretty happy with Causeway Bay!
Us and sisters after going out with some members for breakfast!

We got lunch with Sister Wong and Sister Law
 On Saturday we were tutoring Melody and Kiko for the English Oral Exams and I drew this picture and it fits her perfectly haha (she wasn't happy about it)

 These are some pictures from a family from our ward. They have a son who just returned from a mission in Canada last week! Super awesome family. 

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