Sunday, February 24, 2013

February 18, 2013

Yeah so I cleaned last week... A lot. I cleaned a fridge, all the windows (I was hanging out the 17th floor... kind scary haha), then swept/moped/waxed the whole flat with E. Bradley. No we didn't wax on/off because we were dying from the fumes. That sucked ha. Our flat is probably smaller than Zac's old room (the big one). That includes a living room, bed room, "kitchen" (its like 5 feet big it doesn't count for anything) and a bathroom... Its small. Also we had to wax the floors to prevent mold (I think) and to protect the wood. (Mold is a HUGE problem in Hong Kong but we didn't have any... except in our first aid kit? hahaha)
Next transfers will be march 7th but I will find out march 3rd I think? I could stay one more move then leave or leave then anything could really happen so we will see.
There really isn't to much to report since its only been a couple days but I have a ton of pictures to send from today. 

So today we went to Cheung Chau (an island in Hong Kong). We went with a lot of other missionaries and to start off the day we did flips on the beach! That's Elder Ward (my dad/trainer)

Another epic flip! It was sooo pretty  (Again Elder Ward and more people did it too)

 We spent a long time at the beach got super hungry so then we ate some Mickey'Ds (That's Elder Write and Felix)

Me and Elder Rostrum at some random street on the island

 We past all these boats on the way; thought it looked SUPER beautiful.

We found a random cat in a box... So elder ward was going to fight it like a snake... SNAKE! (:Y)

Me and Elder Wright "snaking" (This is a long inside joke between about 15 elders...) after we ate we headed over to some random cave we knew about.

 Finally got to the cave... it was pitch black but it wasn't to long and we have these dinky flashlights on our nokia phones for some reason... Long story short we made it out alive!

This is the view we got outside the cave... Hong Kong is something different; I am a 40 minute ferry ride away from the city. (Elder Rostrum in the picture)

Elder Rostrum wanted a break so he climbed into a tree and I caught him making a weird face (he is E. Wrights companion -- mandarin elders)

Found this cool cliff and Felix took a picture (this is also by the exit of the cave)

Me on a cliff -- got to throw the peace sign; I'm serving in a Asian mission haha

Same cliff but with random boats everywhere...

After we chilled at the cave for a while me, E. Wright, E. Krainock and E. Rostrum ran off on to another trail

We found some pretty beautiful cliffs so of course we took a ton of pictures haha

 So we continued with more pictures on a cliff... me pointing at the camera

 So after those pictures we continued our hike and E. Krainock jumped off the rock we were just chillen on earlier

Towards the end of our adventure (Krainock, Wright, Rostrum and I) found this snake... So of course we SNAKED!!!

On our hike I also happen to find part of the Great Wall of China ;) its pretty great huh?

 Before we jumped on the ferry to go home we took a cute little group photo! 

 I just took some random pictures of the different parts of the coast... So this is were I serve! Thought you would like some photos

Soooo... If  you've seen the Batman Movie (the one with the joker) this is the building iti is filmed in. Yes its in Hong Kong haha like my "epic" camera effect? It's called the IFC, it's the second tallest building in Hong Kong and it's on the Island.

 This is the tallest building in Hong Kong (I forgot the name) but it's giant and it's in Kowloon

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