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January 29, 2013

Things have been pretty slow in Hong Kong right now, its right after the New Years (Chinese) and so  its sluggish Its been really hard to find new people and bring them to church. Right now we have four really great investigators Kiko (18 yrs old, melody's friend), Anson (27 a guy I found on the street, met missionaries once 2 to 3 years ago), Jacky Shum (62 yrs old E. Krainock found him, he LOVES missionaries. He is one of the few old people who actually progress in the gospel in China) and Mr. Wong (5X yrs old, E. Krainock found him, he is divorced and has a pretty hard life and hopes the gospel can help). They are all doing pretty great; we do have other investigators but these are the ones that are actually progressing. 

Kiko chose a baptismal date for May 12, 2013 but we (last Friday)  met with her and talked about waiting for any reason really isn't a good enough reason. She is thinking about getting baptized at the end of the month (the 24th) she is praying about it to make sure. 

Anson is progressing pretty well he comes to church and meets with us twice a week maybe more. He has a lot of interest but still needs to show a bit more commitment to read and come to church. He is a great guy and he will be an awesome member soon! (He doesn't have a date but we plan to give him on soon)

Jacky Shum is doing pretty well he has accepted everything about the church just fine, the lessons, commandments, etc... The only problem is work on Sunday -  his job is pretty strict because he works at a Navel Base and so its hard for him to come to church other than that he is golden. 

Mr Wong is a great man but has a lot of problems in his life not that I need to name them but they have caused him to have a hard life. He sees the gospel as a possible help and we are trying really hard to help him. He is a smart man and he really is starting to get a grasp on the gospel.
Story... Well I got sad news! So with all the new things happening to missionaries our mission has been hit pretty hard... with the new people coming in and the MTC time change our mission has some WEIRD move-in's. Elder Bradley (basically my brother now) just got moved this morning to Macau! Which is awesome but he is gone. 

As you know we have regular moves for in-coming missionaries now to be every nine weeks from the Provo MTC BUT natives come every 3 weeks, Mandarins come every 6 weeks, Filipinos come every 5 weeks and Cantonese people come every 9 weeks now... So we have mini moves INSIDE our regular 9 week moves...  Its a freaking mess. President Hawks and the AP's have it under control I'm not worried but its super weird. I don't know if many missions will have such a hard time with this like us... We currently have just over 100 missionaries (like 112?) but at the end of August we will be up to 150ish... With a 50% increase we better start seeing A LOT more success...

Hong Kong is staying pretty warm right now 20 to 25 C so its kind of warm. It SUCKS we have to wear our suits still on days where its like 23 C+. I start sweating and I feel like I look stupid wearing a suit and sweating...I hate that rule...Whatever though it's okay.

Hong Kong has 10C, 20C, 50C, $1,$2, $5, $10 coins and they have different shapes and junk. I need to send pictures of the money, I forgot to do that a long time ago. I assume it's similar to the UK's money system because the UK owned them and all.

 Today on our p-day we got to go to the temple so I took a cool picture of course :)

Me and Elder Krainock

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  1. Elder Arrington,

    Great blog! You are published in the Ward Bulletin, so I thought I would check it out. My family shares a Ward with your awesome family here in Texas.

    Thanks for serving as a Missionary! Since I was released from my Mission in 1994, I have reflected upon my mission experiences EVERY DAY. I miss it. Enjoy every day you have there.

    The "snaking" move is funny to me and my day, we want to know the inside joke.

    Ryan Goulding