Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 28, 2013

Yeah so Felix's parents don't know he is baptized and he said he will probably tell them in a year... haha. He told me he wants to be a summer missionary! In Hong Kong locals can serve with missionaries for 2 weeks in the summer as a full time missionary! I don't think they have that in America but its pretty popular! He wants to try it to see if he really can serve a full 2 year mission I am super stoked! Oh by the way Melody's friend Kiko is SUPER AWESOME! She has already came to church twice and Melody is the greatest fellow shipper EVER! This is why I am soooo proud of them! I think she could be baptized in March no problem! Its really awesome to see how much good can come from just one baptism!
So last Wednesday me and E. Kraincock were going to get some noodles from a place called Tam Jai for lunch but it was WAY to packed so we said forget it. So we went for diner the next door; me, E. Krainock and Felix. We then walked back to our chapel to eat but when I sat down I had a sick feeling like something is missing. I looked up at E. Krainock and he said, "We have to go I saw someone we need to talk too" And I knew that was why I got that sick feeling so we briskly walked back near Tam Jai to this lady sitting on a bench. We talked to her for a bit and convinced her to come to the church... It was weird how smooth it was going... It was actually going perfect and nothing goes perfect in this mission...ever. So we give her a tour and take her to the chapel (its around 8:00) and start teaching her the first lesson. How ever she said she was feeling tired and asked if she could rest in the hallway then come back... We were like okay? She then sleeps for an hour and half.... We told her we had to go and said thanks... We concluded we just brought a homeless lady to sleep at our church building... Not sure why God wanted us to do that but we did.

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