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January 20, 2013

Felix is doing great. I was wrong he is actually getting the priesthood next week but its still pretty early so I think its awesome. Melody this weekend brought two friends to meet with us; no surprise I was teaching/tutoring English again. One of them was actually able to come to church Kiko! So our RC's are turning into little missionaries ;)! I love them so much haha. When you meet them you will understand why they are my pride and joy! There are a lot of people "converted" here and baptized but you have to understand how powerful these two are. Felix got baptized with no support from his parents and went around them because they were not going to change. Melody got her parents to sign her papers to get baptized with no support and her older sister trying to anti her the entire time... These two are true examples of converts. Honestly even if you are born into the church we need to have changes like they had and I don't think most kids do. (Until a mission, BYU, or some other experience . I have no fear of them ever leaving the church. We actually tease Felix that in 10 years (he will be 31) he will probably be a Bishop or something.
Today for pday we kind of climbed a mountain... Me, E. Krainock, the Mandarin missionaries (Woods and Bradley) and their two friends (Becky and Kloe <- investigator)  went to go hike this mountain but like 1/8th of the way through the hike Kloe got sick so we turned around... but I got some epic pictures haha!
Me, Johnny, Joyce and Sister Wong at the ice skating rink
E. Ward really likes scarfs? (Stole it from someone haha -- gave it back of course)

Last Pday to celebrate Felix's baptism we went ice skating! Everyone was there including Elder Ward 

Sis Jamison, Melody, Felix -- Melody has never been ice skating before... it was pretty funny haha

This is the CUTEST little family ever! The little girls got baptized on the first week I was in Hong Kong. We visit them a lot. There is Scarlett, Sara and their Mum (Hung jimuih) 
We celebrated Johnny's birthday last week - he is awesome (member)

                                                   Elder Siebach and me trying to be handsome with scarfs

So we went to this area called Tung Chung were there are some epic mountains to go hiking! This is Hong Kong... Not all of it is a city like you may think! This is only 30minutes away by MTR (subway)

Me and Elder Bradly "hiking

 so funny story... we wanted to hike to the peak but the girl in this photo (Elder Woods' investigator) Kloe got sick so we got like 1/8th way and turned around haha... We took a ton of funny pictures to make up for it!

Our group!  me, E. Krainock, E. Woods, E. Bradley, Kloe and Becky!

Elder Bradley and Woods (woods in the red) I live with these guys haha.

 E. Bradley and I just chillen in front of a mountain

 E. Bradley, Becky, Kloe, and E. Woods just walking... (I took a lot of pictures...)

Group picture after our little hike haha
Since we ended our hike early we decided to take a bunch of funny pictures -- our chinese friends thought we were super creative for doing this! It was really funny haha
E. Krainock is little and Woods is big

Elder Bradley is big and Woods is little haha

Our studly mountain side pictures... we look awesome.

Elder Woods is big and Krainock and Bradley are small!

So our Chinese friends kept telling me and Elder Woods we look like apples because of our shirts... so we hung from trees like apples...

 So me and Elder Woods had to get down this little moutain side... so we slide/ran down it? haha

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