Sunday, January 13, 2013

December 16, 2012

Well last week (Thursday) started a new move and a new move means a possibility of a new companion. Well me and E. Ward guessed it; he left. So I got a new companion this week, his name is Elder Krainock. He has been on his mission a year and half and is a pretty great missionary. He is how ever VERY different from E. Ward. I got along with Elder Ward perfectly even though his was my trainer (most trainer-trainee relationships are REALLY bad but ours wasn't at all!). So it should be interesting to readjust to a new companion. He is obviously senior companion but I am kind of leading for right now because he doesn't know our ward, our investigators or our area so it puts a lot of pressure on me. However things are going great and I was able to get him to meet most of our investigators this weekend and introduce him to a lot of the ward so things are going pretty well. I think my Cantonese will improve a lot more with him; he already pushes me a lot to do things. He makes me make all the phone calls and scheduling so its nice but kind of a pain.
We are still basically teaching the same people. Wayne and Felix are currently just trying to work things out with their parents on baptism. They both have a strong desire to be baptized. Wayne is only 17 so he cant without the permission from his parents and they said wait until he was 18. He turns 18 in February so that will be no problem but we are still trying to get him baptized sooner. Wayne's parents are against the church; they just said it might be a distraction right now from your studies but they said he can make his own choices when he is 18. Felix on the other hand is 21 and his parents are pretty against the church. He has however done a great job to explain to them about our church. We just have to allow time for them to become relaxed with it and accept his decision. Hopefully its soon; Felix is an amazing kid. He wrote a letter to Ward when he found out he was leaving and expressed to him his desire to be baptized and eventually go on a mission. This honestly blew me and E. Ward's mind for a minute but he really is prepared. He knows the lessons as well as we do and sometimes fellowships/goes finding with us haha. He is so freaking COOL! 

Our other investigators are Coco, Silence, Horace, Jason Poon, Jack Jack and few others but most of these aren't progressing anymore and something is in the way. E. Krainock and I are working on find a way to help them but its hard because he doesn't really know them and kind has to go off what I know so we will continue to work on this!

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