Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 13, 2013

Baptizing Felix the best thing so far on my mission experience. Seriously after preforming it I had a feeling of happiness I've never had; I don't know... an eternal one? I would imagine it like having a kid haha. Felix and Melody are like my pride and joy of my mission! They are the best fellow shippers ever and they love everyone its amazing! They are great!
That girl I met in the Victoria Park is doing great but we don't teach her she isn't in our area. The sister missionaries we work with (Wong and Jamison) are teaching her and they said everything is going well.

Here are some pictures he sent:

                                      Last Pday we went to a huge shopping thingy and it was packed...
 this is my favorite food Cha Seui Fan. Sweet fried pork with rice, geung (I totally just forgot the English word) and lettuce stuff
                                                        here is one of many epic apartments
                                                          Me and Felix wearing white haha! :)
                                                           Elder/Sister Chan, Felix, Me :D

                              Elder Wong got a picture of Felix hugging someone and me making a stupid face...
                                                                    E. Krainock, Felix and Me

 This is our little Causeway bay gang: Johnny, Joyce, Krainock, Felix, Me, Sis Wong, Sis Jamison and Melody
  This is a lot of people from our ward the thumbnail is to small for me to name everyone :D
  Haha this one is kind of a inside joke... Elder Ward use to always make this face (on accident?) in A LOT of our pictures sooo we took this for him ha :)

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