Sunday, January 13, 2013

December 9, 2012

Here's a cool story...
Elder Ward and I wanted to go finding on Tuesday but we didn't know where we should go. We have five different like "city areas" we can go finding; Wan Chia, Causeway Bay, Tin Hau, Quarry Bay and North Point. They are all pretty big and full of ton of people but we really weren't sure. So we decided to pray right before we left our chapel in Wan Chia. Elder Ward stands up and looks at me and says, "We need to go to Tin Hau." Then asked me what I thought and I was like okay.... He was super serious and normally he is pretty happy-go-lucky kind of guy; we only had one hour to go finding today and we wanted to find/teach one person. So we take the MTC (subway) to Tin Hau, when we got out of the station he looks at me and asks where are we going. I just thought and said, "The back part of Victoria Park." (Its a huge park in the middle of Tin Hau with Tennis courts, soccer courts and basketball courts, and a lot of grass. Kind of imagine central park, I guess). So we walk to the back part and I look to my left and this girl was stretching from waking up from a nap. I thought it was odd and so I waved but the weird thing is Elder Ward also waved at the exact same time as me at her... She waved back and we were going to pass each other on the sidewalk. Elder Ward grabbed my arm and with the most serious face I have ever seen him make said, "You have to talk to her right now, I have a feeling we need too." Sooooo I did. I awkwardly approached said 你好 (hello) and started talking to her. Her name is Gloria and she just got back (a couple months) from America studying in Queens, NY. There she got introduced to Christianity through a friend. We taught her the first lesson and traded phone numbers. I decided to invite her to our activity (games night every Wednesday) she said she would come. She seemed super golden but even when people are golden here they normally don't show up the first time, you have to work with them but she actually showed up... She is super nice, has okay English; hopefully we will see her more. Honestly though this is my first real experience I have seen being guided by the holy ghost in finding someone because right after we found her it started raining again. (Oh it had been showering for a straight week; it finally stopped on Wednesday...)

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