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December 25, 2012


So today is Christmas and that means we will do MISSIONARY WORK!!! WHAT WHAT! No seriously haha. Yesterday we had a big mission wide activity and all the missionaries are there soooo I got some sick pictures I will upload in a bit. However today for Christmas we get a half PDAY and regular mission work so nothing special.

                                                       Some breakfast in HK! Crystal dumpling
                         Same breakfast! That's Sister Wong one of the Sisters I serve with in Causeway Bay Ward
                                             Same breakfast! Not sure what this is but I didn't like it 
                                                         Same breakfast! Some steam pots!
                              Here is my steak... Its good but not Texas good. I could show them a thing or a two
 This is who we got breakfast with! 
                                     Christmas Mission Activity pics! Here is my old district from the MTC
                                   Me and Elder Wong (this is his last move he just got released form AP)
 Me, Neild, Cuaves some fly friends I have made. I played soccer with Cauves. Neild and I have been come recent buddies in the last couple of weeks because I helped him prepare to mission choir for their performance by judging them.... 
 ME and Elder Wright!!!!!!!!! Yay I shared apartments with him in my first move I miss him:( and he gave me that tie I'm wearing! FRESH :D
   Me and Elder Wu. This guys is from New Zealand and we have become pretty close since I have come to Hong Kong
  Me and Elder Brodrick. He is super AWESOME! He knows more than 3000 characters... He is wise... haha I love this guy
    Me and Elder Au he is a native. He serves in my Zone; he is a baby right now and he is a super awesome missionary!
                                             YAYYY TEXAS MISSIONARIES WOOOOOOOOOO >:O
                                               Sis Larson Me and Siebach. We are all from Texas :)
 This is the group I was born with in Causeway Bay. Wong Wong Ward (aka Elder wong in chinese) and me (Elder Ai) haha we are awesome 
                                                             Here is another picture of us
                    Not sure if I have ever sent a picture of Felix but this is Felix our investigator... I caught him off guard
               So today E. Krainock bumped into a member from a Philippine ward he served in and they made us these                            NACHOS FOR CHRISTMAS!!!! :D
                  s my name tag (sorry I took it with a fisheye lens affect) but ya... My tag is cooler than everyone else's
                                             Merry Christmas in Chinese (really awkward picture haha)
SO I see the NICEST cars ever in my area and I mean THE NICEST. This a mcclary (I cant spell...) it runs a V10 turbo charged.... I see at least 50+ Porches a day and at least 1 or 2 Ferrari's or Lamborghini a day too

Last Saturday we had a big Christmas Party planned with singing and other fun stuff and of course food! We had 2.5 hours before it started and nothing planned so E. Krainock was like lets go finding to fill time and we started to walk towards the MTR (subway) and I said nah lets go back and make phone calls for LA's and Formers to come to the party. He said okay and I wasn't really sure why I wanted to do that because I HATE PHONE CALLS. So we go back and I start going through our LA book and no one answers and then I go through formers and no one answers. Then I remember an investigator I met once with E. Ward named Roddy. So I thought I would give him a call; I hadn't seen him since the Mid-Autumn Festival. So I invited him to come and while E. Krainock and I were teaching Felix before the party Roddy happen to walk past our door (a little early for the party). I left the lesson to go talk to him and asked how he was doing and he said good but I could tell on his face he was lying and was really upset by something. So I asked whats wrong and he kind of tried to brush it off but after about 2 minutes he broke down and told me his sister just died a couple days ago. He broke down and it was really heart breaking to see his pain. I gave him a hug and told him it would be okay and I shared my testimony and little about Dad and his father (kind of saying I cant relate but I know many people get hurt by this). I prayed with him for comfort and bore my testimony with all my soul on the Plan of Salvation and families. He seemed happier after we talked and I shared my testimony but I know he still is suffering. I really wish I could do more.

The only other to happen this week is Felix decided he is really going to get baptized. He said he wanted to but had the problem of his parents saying no to him but we recently talked to him and told him to pick a date and he chose Jan 13, 2013. We really think he is getting baptized and the best part is he told E. Ward before he left that he wanted to serve a mission! If he goes on a mission I could just end my mission right now and be happy. Its crazy that stuff like this is happening all around me!

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