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December 2, 2012

Our investigators are doing pretty great. Felix is amazing; he meets with use about every other day to ask us question and I mean like deep doctrine questions. He has already read 1st/2nd Nephi, Abinadi's story, Ammon's and Alam's story and Ether. He asks a lot difficult question but it shows his drive to know more about the scriptures. Its pretty awesome! He is still struggling with his parents; he is 21 so he could get baptized if he wanted to but he is afraid of what his parents might do since he lives with them and they are paying for University. 

Wayne on the other hand cant get baptized right now because his parents said no because he is 17 but he turns 18 and they said then its his choice. They aren't against the church but they think it will distract him right now but he still comes to activities and church soooo I don't really understand that logic (and neither does he haha). 

Coco and Silence are doing alright; its been hard to meet with both of them since they have had a lot of finals going on and Silence has to work a lot (he works at 7/11). I actually invited Coco to prepare to be baptized Dec 30th... So well see if that was the Holy Ghost telling me or my own desire... Hopefully things work out. 

We actually haven't heard from David in a while but he has great potential he has just been really busy this last week so we couldn't meet with him. Elder Ward invited him to be baptized on Dec 30th as well. 

Not sure if I told you about Calivn? He was a kid I called from former investigators he looked like a promising investigator but he just went to mainland for something and when that happens most people lose that investigator (pretty common in Hong Kong) hopefully he comes back and everything is okay. We got a couple other investigators the Lohk family, Horace, Adrianne and a couple others but they aren't progressing as much. Still haven't met Kolo yet but I will let you know if I do.

Do you get to see and talk with missionaries other than your roommates?

I see other missionaries ALL the time. I serve in the 12 story building mum so there are a ton of branches  We work with sister missionaries in our branch so I see them all the time. There are the international elders (they work with the English speakers, so Philippines , Indonesia and UK/Americans) they are 3 companionship  another 2 sets of Cantonese elders and some other Mandarin elders here and there. So I see a ton of missionaries all the time.

Is your area typical of what the mission is like? Is this soccer morning playing something done across the mission or just this area? What if you get a companion that hates soccer or can't play?

don't know if my area is like all the other areas... I assume they are different? Soccer isn't done across the mission only because some places don't have fields  Soccer is pretty popular in Hong Kong so its common to play with people. We will still play if my companion doesn't like it - we have to exercise everyday its a rule.
Also this move ends next week and that will be the end of my training  Me and Elder Ward both think that he will leave and I will get a my step-trainer (we call them our step-dad). It is a real high possibility and should be interesting to see.

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