Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012

I am doing alright, still not sleeping to well. I wake up all the time at night .... Also my bed has bugs again.... Yayyyyy... I got 7 bites on my left foot, 6 on my right foot, some on my legs and some on my arms... I am going to as Sister Hawks about getting a new bed cause my feet hurt right now... Also I get my suit today!!! Finally... They didn't finish it last week, I am super stoked because my current suit is ugly and WAY, WAY to big for me now. I can fit a fist (maybe more) between my waste and the pants.... They are too big...
So there isn't to much going on right now. Wayne was supposed to get baptized this Sunday but  his parents have asked him to wait until he is 18 (he turns 18 this Feb) because they are afraid the church will distract him... Haha sometimes the excuses people make are really lame here. He still comes to church every week so it's not like anything will change... It's okay; his parents aren't against the church at all so that's good. We are still working with him to try and get baptized sooner but we will see. 

Felix is doing great! He is such a great kid; he comes and meets with us almost every other day I think. He asks a TON of deep doctrine questions like in 2nd Nephi and some of the Abinadi parts when he quotes Isaiah .. It's good though because it also helps me and Elder Ward. His parents still haven't said he could get baptized but he hasn't lost faith which is good! 

We also have this newish kid... I called him two weeks ago; he met with the missionaries once then went to mainland for break (this happens A LOT in Hong Kong) then the missionaries couldn't get a hold of him since July but he answered me. We finally met him this last Sunday and he stayed for all three hours of church; he super shy (like most Chinese people at first) but he seems like a great kid. Then there is David. He is a super nice kid but sooooooooooo quite. He actually didn't have an English name so I gave him David because he seemed awesome like my friend David Belnap. He is a very brave kid with his living circumstances; he has shared a lot with me and Ward. We just asked him to prepare to be baptized and he agreed. He still has a long way to go but he is at least willing to try and change. He is pretty awesome!
The area I am serving is where a lot of the businesses are. I serve in Causeway Bay (which it has Wan Chai (where I currently live), North Point, Quarry Bay and one more place). By the way you should just google it, it would be much easier. I spend most my time in Wan Chai because that's where I live but when we go finding it's normally in North Point or Causeway Bay. It's really pretty here. We are on the Island, we have a mountain to the back of us, a bay then we can see Kowloon across the sea. It's a really pretty place I like it a lot. The weather right now is super nice, around 65 F but it has been raining a lot lately which blows because it halts almost all finding possibilities for us in Hong Kong.

(Here is my full Chinese name)
ngaaih suih leuhn
Surname - Billion/Trillion/Infinite - Relationships
That's kind of the translation? lol

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