Sunday, November 25, 2012

October 28, 2012

So about the baptism. Melody had to delay hers to Nov 4th because the bishop said so. She got her parents to sign the slip (because she is 16) but he found out they know nothing about our church and wants her to go back and educate them. Bishop Sihk is a super strong leader and is an amazing guy so we trust him. Felix was suppose to get baptized Oct 28 but last Wednesday he told us his mum said no (he is 21 so technically he doesn't need their permission  but we wanted to wait). We didn't want to cause a rift in the family this last Sunday Elder Ward got the impression he will be able to get baptized this next Sunday Nov 4th (the same as Melody) so hopefully he is right. Melody and Felix have such a strong testimony its unbelievable. When Felix told us he couldn't get baptized he almost broke down in front of us it was crazy, he really knows this is true and wants to be apart of it. Coco and Silence (suppose to be baptized Nov 11th) are progressing just find and shouldn't have any problems; they still haven't talked to their mum so we are trying to get them to do it now instead of the last minute like Melody and Felix.
Two things about the mission... I absolutely HATE finding (street contacting) and phone calls. I hate talking to random people because I CAN'T SAY ANYTHING... I'm like "how are you" "did you just get out of school?" "have you seen missionaries before"....blah blah its sooo awkward and I feel like I scare them off because I am a weird white guy  or they laugh at me and its all chill. Then phone calls (like calling potential investigators back) its terrible. Phone service in Hong Kong is not great so it's hard to hear them and they talk SO FREAKING FAST and I talk so then they hang up... A lot of the time when they hear hello I am a missionary the line instantly cuts dead haha. It's funny but super frustrating to go find and make phone calls. Elder Ward is soooooooooooooooo freaking good at both its ridiculousness  He can stop anyone and he can talk on the phone with anyone forever! He talked to a less active for 2 hours and really built a connection with her. I can't even talk for 10 minutes.... Eh it's all good just two things I have to get use to because that's the majority of my mission.
Our ward is cool. There are roughly 60 - 70 active people (technically a branch, 100 active is a ward but for some reason we are called a ward right now) we have about 100 inactive members in our ward. In our ward we have 4 young men, 5 young women, 5 - 6 high priest, and I think 10 -18 elders (and all their wives and children). Our ward loves the missionaries they bring food for us to church every Sunday  like this last Sunday we got cereal (which I miss), milk (I miss American milk soooooo much), candy, snacks and some ramen <3. Our ward is pretty great we still need to get a bit closer with them though.
My language is just hard and I have to accept it. I am starting to improve a lot in this last week more then this whole move. We have sister missionaries in our ward and they are native and told me that this last week I have improved a lot. So hopefully by Christmas I can understand fully and speak 50%; because around January to late December time I should get a new companion.

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