Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 4, 2012

This Sunday was my first baptism! Melody was able to be baptized with her parents permission, it was pretty awesome. We had some members of the ward give talks and Elder Ward was able to baptize her. She will receive the Holy Ghost this up coming Sunday at church, it's all been pretty fun here. The work here is still absolutely hard though, I think out of all of the people Ward and I talk to in a day probably 10-15 will give us phone numbers, 2 of those will meet with us again, and 1 will probably actually show up (maybe...). So it's cool to see an actually baptism in my mission already. Elder Ward found her in Fortress Hill, taught for 2 weeks then I came and taught her for the last 6, this is Elder Wards first full find/teach/baptism. He was pretty happy about that.
Things I miss from America... Well, my Family, my friends and diary products... They seem like such a trivial thing but in China/HK there aren't many dairy farms just chillen. Milk, yogurt, cheese and pizza are all pretty expensive. You can't really find REAL milk here but except at a few place but even then it's not even good; so I drink a lot of soy milk (which sucks). Just to show you how expensive dairy product are; a thing of 4 Greek yogurts is like HK$120 so about $15... It's not that bad but for a missionary it's to much. The weather here beats America's at the moment (the summer here sucks) it's only like 69 F to 73 F with a breeze so it's not to bad. I kind of just miss food and music really... I miss Mexican food sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much but apparently there is a Mexican buffet here for HK$60 so we might try that out today!
My language is coming along but it's not very good. I don't have a lot of time to study because we are always out so I just talk to people and don't understand anything... Not much help there. Being immersed helps but at the same time it doesn't; it's pretty intimidating at times. I really hope it starts changing because a lot of the time I just feel like a I waste peoples time because I take forever to talk.
In our mission we make a lot of phone calls (and texting) because that's the only way to reach people. It's to inconvenient to go to someones house; plus everyone's house is small so it's uncomfortable to have everyone there. We basically contact people on the street try to teach a lesson or get a real phone number to call them back at. The biggest frustration here is the people always act like they are sooooo busy. They have school and tutoring; most kids don't have jobs or play on sports teams. They always make excuse about how busy they are and Americans don't understand... I had college classes, 2 soccer teams, a job (for a while), church, friends and I still had time to do stuff... These kids need to make better excuses because they are just getting stupider and stupider -___-''

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