Sunday, November 25, 2012

November 11, 2012

So Coco and Silence were not able to be baptized this week; we are hoping we can prepare them for the end of the month. They are still super faithful but they haven't talked to their mum about it and their older sister is super anti to the church! So we will see. We also are still teaching Felix, trying to over come the issues with his parents. We also have Wayne a "resurrected" investigator, he wants to wait to be baptized when he is 18 (Feb something) but we are trying to see he needs it now and not to wait. We also have a couple other new investigators but we are waiting to meet with them and see how we progress from there.
The mission right now is going pretty well, my language is getting better but it still sucks. I can't speak well or listen well... Yeah Cantonese... but I have natives helping me a lot so hopefully I can improve quickly. So this is my second move and things are going okay. We have 4 good investigators Felix, Coco, Silence and Wayne. We also have a couple great potentials right now Lohk family, David (and his friends), and a couple others. So overall it's going great. I am getting better at street contacting and phone calls. I hate them both but I am having some success now.
About my food... I make oat meal for breakfast and buy lunch and dinner everyday but Sunday .. Members probably take us out to eat at least once a week. So I'm content with food I guess...

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