Sunday, November 25, 2012

October 17, 2012

My ward is super amazing. There is about 60 active members (maybe more?) and they are all super awesome. They all love to help with the missionary work, we have members almost always present at every single lesson, they go finding with us and they give us a lot of food! Bishop Sihk is super great he is an amazing leader and helps plan with us on how to use our ward better to find new investigators and to befriend our current ones. His family also is one of the key members who helps us with our missionary work he has four kids (girl 16 Celeste, son 14 Enoch, girl 12, girl 10) they are super cool.
So about the food situation here in Hong Kong... I almost never cook food, I think I have cooked maybe 5 to 8 times since I been here. We are WAY to busy to stop and cook; so we either eat out, eat with investigators/members or we just don't eat (and that tends to happen a lot... Actually I didn't have dinner last night or breakfast today hahaha). I like a lot of the food here cha-seui-faan [HK$ 26] (chAW-sew-fon) its like BBQ/fried pork; missionaries tend to eat it a lot because its cheap, taste good and fills you up! We also eat a lot of noodles [HK$15], McDonald's (ew, a big mac combo is HK$21), these bread donut things [HK$12 - 17] and some other foods. I have had some weird stuff since I have been here. I have eaten chicken feet, pig's knuckles and a lot of other stuff I'm not sure what it is... So normally I just close my eyes and eat it and hope it's good... Normally it's good... Normally. (The Mandarins that live with us tend to eat out with us because we study, work, and live with each other. It's a lot of fun, we are all really close friends already.)
Elder Ward and I have four AMAZING investigators. Felix (21 college student been teaching him 4 weeks), Melody (16 Form 5 student been teaching her for 6 weeks), Coco (19 Form 6 Student been teaching for 3 weeks) and Silence (Coco's younger brother 18 form 5 student). Felix and Melody are getting baptized Oct 28th and Coco and Silence are getting baptized Nov 4th or 11th. They all are progressing so quickly they all went to general conference with us last Sunday and Felix went to EVERY SINGLE SESSION.... My investigators are sooo cool. They also are all best friends; me and Ward got them to hang out with us during some lessons/activities and now they are all hang out. It's super crazy how much success we are having in Causeway Bay. Hopefully it continues this way.
Last thing before I go; I had a cool experience. In Hong Kong you don't go door to door obviously so to find people you do pull-in's, finding on the street or receive referrals. I absolutely hate doing findings because my Chinese is pretty poor. However this week we had exchanges/Zone Finding. I had known about this so I prayed all day asking for help to teach one person by myself (because normally I just say hi then let Elder Ward take over). So I found my temp companion was my ZL Elder Parry... We were to go find in TKO and the first hour I tried my hardest to stop people on the street in the middle of a huge city. I had some success, I handed out a couple of flyers and got some numbers but I still hadn't taught a lesson after the first hour. I had almost 30 to 40 minutes left and neither me or Parry had a lesson yet. (You have lesson when you teach someone something and it starts with an opening prayer and ends with prayer.) So I prayed in my heart to find ANYONE who would just listen to me and Parry. I saw kid and decided to talk to him, he had just walked out of his school building. I came up to him and did our little introduction. Asked him his name (Keith), introduced ourselves, asked if he had seen missionaries, told him our purpose is to help people and teach about Jesus Christ and a couple other things. Right as I finished that two of his friends showed up, so I did it again and another kid came up... I was teaching four 16/15 year old at once, and this was my first street lesson by myself... I look at Parry kind of giving him a look of "you can take over, I don't wanna screw up." He just smiles and looks into the distance... Leaving the lesson to me. By this time Keith's brother shows up and now I am up to five people listening to me half speak Chinese... Most of them didn't seem to interested but Keith so I really focused on him, I taught him why we needed to pray, how and asked him if he was willing to try to pray right now on the street. He actually did... So I began a quick lesson of why we pray and how it can strengthen our relationship with God and some other things. Then I asked Keith who he wanted to pray me, Parry or one of his friends. He chose me... So I said an awkward little Chinese prayer. I got all their numbers and instead of just teaching one person as my goal, I some how managed to teach 5... So that is probably one of the coolest experiences I've had here, with God giving me a small little blessing. 

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