Sunday, April 14, 2013

March 24, 2013

We have TON of freaking new missionaries coming in with in the next few months. The April move we get 20 missionaries and I think 17 are sisters... We are getting A TON of missionaries and we really don't have room for them. By the end of August we will have 150ish (we currently have 100ish). That is a lot of missionaries we need to put in places and Hong Kong is pretty small in the sense of a places of finding and preaching. Anyway, the next couple of months in Hong Kong (now until about Sept) will just be crazy... Even President Hawks is nervous about all the changes that will have to occur...  

My area Aberdeen is pretty large but we don't even use half of it because basically this chunk called Stanley is full of white people and other tourist soooo its kind of worthless to go finding there. It also takes like 40 minutes to get there on the sketchy small buses we have here... (Yeah they have buses like in Mexico; I'm excited for you to ride them...) The area is pretty hard to find in because it is all city with no quite places at all so there are soooo many distractions when we try to stop people. I still stink at finding and this place makes it even harder. 

Right now we have 6 investigators; none are progressing. They all seem interested and will keep meeting with us but none of them keep there commitments. (None of them come to church either). So we are having some difficulties right now but I think we will be fine. After the DSE (a HUGE public exam, kind of like the act but on steroids, that controls the Hong Kong persons future is right now until about the end of April) we should get a lot more investigators. We have 4 former investigators who are golden but are too busy to meet because they have to study for the DSE and go to tutoring... Ugh. Some good news is they still want to meet after the test; they haven't been anti'ed yay! Also Melody has two friends in Aberdeen she wants me to meet after the DSE! YAY REFERRALS! haha 

Gosh.... I'm not excited for the summer there have been a couple days where it's been up to 30c and it sucks... I'm not excited for the summer heat...

Well my Chinese is getting pretty good Elder Tse is helping me a lot... I mean a lot... Having a native companion just makes your Chinese better I swear... I love serving with elder Tse haha he is so awesome and funny. I had a baby missionary come up to me and ask when I became fluent in Chinese... I laughed and said at the end of my mission... (She also asked Elder Brown who said the same exact thing haha).

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