Sunday, April 14, 2013

March 31, 2013

Nothing exciting is going on right now because it has rained for 7 days straight sooo not finding (at least successfully) and/or weird stories to report. The only exciting thing is move calls tomorrow... There are really only three/four options:
1. Stay with Elder Tse
2. Leave
2a. Stay junior
2b. Step-train/go senor
3. Stay in Aberdeen and go senor

Well, I hope its option 1 because I still don't know the ward as well as I want too and the area is still kind of confusing. I don't live in my area (I live in West Point) and so there is a lot of traveling and buses and no MTR so it can be a little confusing.

You've been right about way to many things. (he is speaking about his mom) This moved my Chinese as gotten a lot better. Still not as good as I would like it to be but its moving A LOT faster... Two weeks ago my brain just clicked and now I can just learn words really fast. I can learn about 30 - 50 words day (remember about 25 - 35 effectively  but its a dramatic increase and I'm going to say that it is due to serving with a local. I can read about 300 - 400 characters (still not nearly enough to read anything) and write about 150 (which is nothing... texting/writing is the craziest thing ...)

Well, like I said not much is going on right now we don't have many investigators who are really progressing, no new investigators because it rained all week and we are working with a couple LA's but they aren't changing all that much... I hope things start moving faster this week because I'm so sick of finding for ever then having to stop because its raining cats and dogs... bleh whatever,  take it with a smile haha

On a side note I am restarting the Book of Mormon. I am already up to 2 Nephi 10. 

 This is the Ward's Bishop and his family
Just playing around with the camera.

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