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April 8, 2013

When I say spoken vs written I mean they are two completely different languages... words are different, for example; "is" spoken is "haaih" but written is "sih" | "Us" is "ngohdeih" written is "ngohmuhn" | And to make it even more confusing there are words/phrases in the spoken language you can't even write. The language has no structural base that's why its considered a "dying" language because it changes soooo much. If you were to say slang from the 80's people wouldn't understand you... Its a weird language and hard to explain over an email I guess...

Well to explain what goes on here. I live in west point which is the city next Aberdeen. So every morning we will exercise (now I just run, there isn't a soccer pitch near us), come back shower/breakfast, then studies (personal, companion, language), then we have our day of lessons or finding. Wednesday 7:30 pm I teach English class each week and every Friday 7:00 to 8:30ish we have games night. Its pretty different than CWB (Causeway Bay). Our chapel is just three floors (5, 6, 7th) in a building in Aberdeen.

Things are going well in Aberdeen. Not much has changed people are still to busy to meet, people are anti'ing people and people just don't like like white missionaries haha. Finding here is hard we can go door to door in one area but its kind of sketchy so that's not really the first option, we normally go to Wa Fuh apartments,  AP Lei Chau (island) or stay in Aberdeen to find and when I mean find I mean to walk around a city with busy people and try to stop them in the middle of their day... Its mind numbing how unsuccessful this can be some time. To make things better its rained for two weeks straight.... So there isn't anyone to talk to and I'm wet... Ha least its not hot, right? haha (its still like 120% humidity) I think I'm complaining a lot in this email... I just need help in Aberdeen and I can't find it in myself right now. Never thought I could feel so alone when you are with a companion 24/7, in a city with 9 million people and talking to everyone you see... Never thought it was possible.

 Well I've been reading a lot in the Book of Mormon. I'm up to Mosiah 15 already with Alma and Noah and such. I seriously only feel peace of mind now when I read the Book of Mormon. I really enjoy reading Enos, its pretty short but it brings a lot of peace to my mind when I'm upset about something

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