Sunday, May 26, 2013

April 15, 2013

Okay Mandarin and Cantonese are two different languages haha... The only way they are close is written form of Cantonese and just regular Mandarin. Spoken Cantonese has its only slang and idioms that don't come close to Mandarin. However if you learn how to read and write Cantonese (as a missionary) you typically can learn Mandarin with easy. (Some elders have done that one for example is my dad -  Elder Ward, he has amazing reading/writing skills so he can do decent conversations in Mandarin like a street contact). They aren't the same language... Best way to say it is Cantonese steals about half its written language from Mandarin. (Also Cantonese uses Traditional characters but Mandarin use simplified).  I have picked up very little Mandarin because I want to get Cantonese first and not confuse myself. Personally I like Cantonese, I think Mandarin sounds "harsh" and of course Hong Kong people like Cantonese MORE! That's like asking Brazilians if they like Spanish haha.
Things are going okay Aberdeen nothing to special the only real change right now was this guy named Mr. Wong. His wife, Bobo, and daughter (Millie) are members for about 4 - 5 years and he hasn't had much interest in the church ever. Two sundays ago sister Wong asked us to start teaching her husband (FAMILY LESSONS WOOOO >:OOOO) and its been pretty great so far! He has kept all commitments and came to one conference session on Sunday  If he gets baptized it will all be due to his wife in all honesty. I can tell she wants this more than anything and it has nothing to do with us teaching/converting him now haha.
Well thats really it, nothing cool because it FINALLY stopped rainning after three weeks... ugh

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