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April 29, 2013

I've been pretty good with companions. I LOVED Elder Ward and he taught me a lot of things (basically how to become a successful missionary) but I struggled some with Elder Krainock.  I had to let a lot of things go between us to be productive together... You would be surprised how I acted during those two moves. Now with Elder Tse things are pretty drastically different I wouldn't say he is senor or I am junior but rather we are on the same level sooo that's been helping me a lot.
Random but I have three things I want to do when I go home
1. Grow a beard... I hate shaving
2. Buy a dog
     2a. Husky
     2b. Boarder Collie
     (I don't think I could get another Boxer; they wouldn't match up to Liberty) (For those of you who may not know we had to put Liberty- Sam's dog of 10 years- down last week. We believe she had a brain tummor.)
3. Skateboard
Also when I get home if I arrive in the morning we are going to IHOP, the afternoon some Mexican place and for dinner Dad's pasta and sause!!!
We have three (four one is dying off right now) investigators Mr. Wong, A-Sing, Henry and Edwin. 

Mr. Wong is pretty awesome his family are member (wife and daughter) he came to church  this last week and the ward was awesome everyone talked to him and welcomed him in. We really didn't do much we kind of just let the ward take care of him (AS IT SHOULD BE). It was nice; we plan to give him a BD (baptismal date) this week for June 2nd I think is when he could really be ready.

A-Sing is doing pretty well he got a cool answer to his prayer actually. We invited him to start the Book of Mormon and pray to see if it was true. He read the introduction to 1st Nephi 11 (I told that last week I think) but when we met he told us he asked God if it was all true and said he opened the Book of Mormon to a random part. It happen to be 3rd Nephi 12 about Jesus and the Twelve Apostles. He took this to be his answer and thinks it could be true. He is pretty awesome but we found out he smokes haha. We were walking from the church to the bus stop and he pulled out a cigarette and lite up right in front of us haha. So that will be coming up soon. 

Henry is a kid we taught this last week (we found him the week before). He is really nice and has come interest not much to report only a new investigator.
I will share one little story then I probably need to go. So we make a ton of phone calls every night (like you know). I use the house phone and Elder Tse uses our cell but the house phone has no caller id so if some one comes back I always say I am Elder Arrington blah blah and who are you. They always say, " YOU CALLED ME!" Then hang up... So this last Thursday I made a million calls with no success... Then I finished and about 10 minutes later the phone rang... I was just like UGH I don't want to get hung up again... So it started the same and he was like you called me blah blah but I was just like-  look I don't have called id sorry and he started laughing and we started speaking in English and he was this super nice college kid. He remembers the missionaries but not much else and he was super stoked to talk to me. (No one is every stoked to talk to missionaries unless they are freaking weirdo's.... there are a lot of weirdo's in Aberdeen... ). So we had a great talk got to know him Andrean was his name! We might met with him next week or the following week because he is busy with business finals. Super stoked!! XD
 We have a games night on Friday at church its a lot of fun these are the members that come!
This is a guy me and Elder Brown visited last week. He is a LA named Wu Ming Kong. 

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