Sunday, May 26, 2013

April 21, 2013

Transfers aren't until like June... Our moves are now 9 weeks... really long.
Well nothing is really going on right now. We are trying to find new investigators but everyone has an excuse to not meet with us and most of them are just terrible lies haha. Its okay we have three investigators and in all honesty only two. One is Mr. Wong he is a PM family, his wife (Bobo) and daughter (Millie) have been members for a while and we have been teaching him for almost three weeks now. He has been keeping most commitments (he missed church this week, that's the only thing he hasn't kept) but he is doing awesome. We think he will get baptized because of his wife; she has SO much faith its amazing. I also talk to Millie yesterday (she was helping us teach an investigator) and said last time the Elders came he had no desire to talk to them or try anything. This time he is completely different its mind blowing! So that's great and the other is this kid named A-Sing. He is like 25 ish and we found him like two weeks ago. We taught him the first lesson and he has some interest and asked typically first lesson questions. It went well. We invited him to start the Book of Mormon at the introduction and keep going until we meet next week. So we call him the following week to schedule him (his boss called him in so couldn't meet on his one holiday) but he read all the way to Nephi 11... YEAHHHHH SOMEONE WITH REAL DESIRE!! ha he seems really awesome we are meeting with him again this week and hopefully things will go great! Also the DSE (this test in Hong Kong that basically determines everyone's future) ends this next week so we should gain like 5 to 6 former investigators who had interest but couldn't meet due to studies! Soooo stoked!

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