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March 18, 2013

So things are going as normally as they do in a mission. My Chinese is getting a lot better because you know my companion is a native therefore I speak a lot more Chinese... So that's nice haha. Finding in this area is really tough. Its different and I'm still not adjusting my style yet. It doesn't help soooo many people here are busy with school testing, jobs, and other problems that they wont take one second to hear me out. Most people will just shake their head then keep walking or they will just put there hand up and keep going. I will keep trying to talk to them but they wont really respond... Ugh I don't know the ward is nice, the investigators we currently have are doing okay but we really need to more... Last saturday we went finding (and less active finding) for 5 hours.... we got one phone number. That sucks. We tried all day but nothing. Zero. Zlitch. Natta. So hard. Whatever just got to keep pushing through we will find the prepared eventually right? 
Things are going fine with me and Elder Tse. Honestly, I am very glad to be with hi. This is his first time to go senior and he got called to district leader so I was told by Elder Brown (a flatmate/good friend) he was pretty scared of the whole situation. However things are going okay. 

My Chinese is getting better because I am forced to use it, Elder Tse does have pretty good English though. I try to force myself to speak it more and I can see a bit of change each day I try. My District is pretty cool. It consists of me, Elder Tse, Elder Brown (we were in the same district my first move, he is two moves older than me), Elder Leung (Elder Brown's new baby yayyy), Elder Woods/Braislford (the mandarins I lived with in CWB) and two sets of sisters. So my district is pretty cool. 

Aberdeen is different than CWB. Just like all of Hong Kong it has some SUPER RICH areas (Stanley) and some super poor areas (places next to Wa Fuh, I forgot the name). I do however think the finding here is a lot harder than CWB. People here tend to be less happy, even more in a rush, and just as much anti... its freaking sweet. Our ward is amazing but everyone is really busy here so they want to help but they cant? I don't know its a little strange. I don't attend the the Wan Chai chapel (the thirteen story building), we have a chapel in Aberdeen. Well, its not a chapel we bought the 5, 6, 7th floor in a building. 7th floor is the cultural hall, 6th is the chapel, and 5th is classrooms. (There are quite a few chapels like this in Hong Kong). 

Yeah sooo thats Aberdeen:)

Right now I just read from Mormon to Ether 10 sooo a lot of stuff. You got all of Mormons' problems with the people, you have "O all ye fair ones," you got Moroni's strong little section, then you got Ether... Powerful stuff. I think its funny how the Brother of Jared get criticized because he forgets to pray for a well so God teach/chastises him then later he has sooo much faith he sees him... Kind of a dramatic turn around, he went from forgetting to pray to seeing Jesus Christ

I had to add this story...Sam's dad went to England and went to a Manchester soccer game and bought Sam a authentic team jersey while he was at the game and this was his reply:
The Jersey took me a minute to register... I was like why is he sending me this I can buy it here for like USD$15.... then I saw the UKD sign and was like WHOOAAA ITS LEGIT>:O. I'm wearing it right now... Thanks :D -- Also I think we are going to make guacamole tonight YAYA (we also sent him some Mexican food mixes like guacamole)

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