Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 10, 2013

Things are going well out here in Hong Kong. Things are fine, nothing to complain about, weather is cooling down (sometimes), ward is pretty supportive, have a decent amount of investigators (it the time to weed out, so we are dropping some) and my Chinese is slowly progressing. Finding here isn't so bad and I can stop most people but the real issue with stopping people is seeing them again because I mean I could stop like 30 people a day and teach all of them and get all of their numbers and never see one again... So me and Elder Allen are very patient when we find. We don't teach a million street lessons we talk to every one but we only teach and find the really prepared souls. Its been interesting to see how we are able to find more investigators than other companionship's (I see numbers to compare) with less street lessons. We will average 3 to 4 street lessons and bring back like 2 to 4 new investigators. Other companionship's will teach 8 other lessons and bring back 1 new investigator. Not saying they are doing anything wrong but I think me and Elder Allen have really found the path to follow and are really holding on the iron rod in this situation. Its been really great to see these blessings flow in.

We haven't done anything on Pdays except for that first on with the BBQ. Which the BBQ is Chinese style meaning its over very small pits with everything covered in Honey (their BBQ sauce haha). Next week I will see my old district again my sisters (Law and Cutler) are going home at the end of this move so they wanna get lunch or something. Yeah so nothing special here. Always busy running around doing something, some where...

So we haven't seen Mr. Woo and his family yet been busy with work and this weekend went to see family (we think in Mainland - text message was in Chinese sooo we tried to read it haha). Most of our investigators are doing well. Herman Wong is just doing awesome keeping all of his commitments and committed him to baptism this last week (Dec 22 - last member of the year)! So things are going pretty well! A Wing is doing well, he is a little slow to spiritual things (like I've said before) but he is starting to recognize it more and more. This last week we reviewed Joseph Smith and prophets and he said he thought he was a prophet so we are making progress! YAY:) Our other investigators are doing okay... like I said its kind of that "weed out time" where you get a lot of investigators than you go through and get down to the top two BUT we are hoping to refill! (We are still teaching: John, Eric, Kenneth, Paul, Mr Cheung, Jason, Mrs Cheung [different Cheung's])

Cool story... So last night we went finding because wanted to go out for at least an hour before finding. So we were walking around and elder Allen was going to the right but I saw this guy on the left and I really wanted to go talk to him (dono why). So I went and I stopped him and started talking. He was like yay I met missionaries once before... Then elder Allen walks up and he says, "ACTUALLY it was him, I gave you my number and you never called me back!" (Turn out he gave his number to his companion Elder Kwan who moved like 4 months back soooo we couldn't call him.) So we review what they talked about last time (prophets) and talked a little more and shared about the Book of Mormon. Said a prayer and got his phone number. Elder Allen said his interest level was WAY higher this time than last time. So interesting to see how God prepares us to meet his sons and daughters when they aren't and are ready... :) yaya

I finished the Book of Mormon like two weeks ago so now I am studying things... Today I studied "What is the light of Christ" like the difference between the light of Christ and the companionship of the holy ghost. So studies have been pretty good lately learning a lot.

I don't need much I am doing okay right now... Pretty happy :)

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