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September 15, 2013

Yeah our flat is pretty small it really is the size of your bedroom and maybe a part of the bathroom. Of course having 6 people there is legal, the church wouldn't do it if it was! Its a ton of fun but sometimes there are just WAY to many distractions with everyone in my apartment... So these are the people and ages
Me 1 year and Osborne 3 months (in Hong Kong)
Falk 6 months and Halvorsen 1.5 months
Dy 8 months and Qu 2 weeks (there names are funny we just call them DQ haha)

Yeahhh so they are all pretty young haha

Yeah it was sad to hear Lee got anti'ed but its nothing new, we find our ways to deal with it.  

Some people think I am a "mixy" meaning half something and Chinese but a lot of people also think I'm British, Mexican (thought I would get away from this one here in Hong Kong), Latino, Filipino, Indian, Persian, pretty much everything. The best part is when I tell them I am American and they don't believe me. They always say, "But you have black hair and black eyes like me!" Some Chinese people really think all Americans have blonde or brown hair with blue or green eyes... haha No I don't think I have Chinese in me. I don't have many similar features! I have HUGE eyes, Chinese people talk about them all the time! They think they are amazing haha. My nose and my teeth also make me different... so no, no Chinese in me.

Cool story of the week for ya!
So me and Elder Osborne were finding (like normal) and it was a 7.5 hour finding day (that's a long time to find if you have forgotten). We pretty much had no success for the first I don't know maybe 5 hours... Not a big deal haha. So we were back finding in Fan Leng (where we live) and I say this kid and I decided to talk to him. At first he wasn't really to talkative then I started joking with him and gave me his name Freda (FREE-DUH is how you say it). He is 17 in form 6 (so a senior) so talked about maybe helping him with English for his DSE (that big test they have) and then he was asking me all about it. Then it got on the subject of why am I here then we talked why do I believe in this and then we sat him down and taught him about prayer and our relationship with Heavenly Father. Then scheduled him to tour the Tai Po chapel (where we hold English class) on Thursday (we contacted him on Tuesday forgot that little tid bit of information). So Thursday comes around we take him to the church and he is just kind like "alright cool" not really interested. Then we started the first lesson, he didn't seem really that interested and seemed to zone out a little bit. Then I kind of dropped my testimony on him with Jesus Christ Atonement, just went all out with everything I had at him. Talked about me and my use of the Atonement, its purpose, why we need, how it helps us, what is specifics are, and finally closed it with I know its true and can help you have more peace than you have ever had before. He then changed in the lesson and had real intent. The question that really showed he changed was, "Well what if I am Christian and my family is all Buddhist will they be okay with that?" We talked about that but that question really proved to me he had interest. We didn't finish the first lesson because we spent so much time on the Atonement (which I am grateful for) and committed him to come to church. That night he text me (in Chinese), "Thanks for meeting with me and teaching me about God, goodnight --Freda" That was on of those few moments on my mission where I have felt like some cares about what I am doing here. I don't know how to explain it but we don't get much love from strangers and it was so nice to see that for once on my mission. On Sunday he on accident went to the wrong address, our chapel is in Fan Leng but he went to the Tai Po (English class chapel) one instead. Luckily I called Elder Falk and picked him up and brought him to the church. Get this Freda also brought his friend Kolor (a girl). Elder Falk said he had and awesome time and the ward welcomed him in amazingly! I also text him that evening if he liked church and said he loved it. He said he made new friends and thought it was great! I am soooo excited to see him again this week! YAY

So right now we have 4 investigator: Ben, Nephew, Freda, Alex
Ben is doing great and we are giving him a baptismal date this Tuesday for Oct 27th and he is just golden. Gonna ask him to start trying to talk to his mum so we don't have another "Peter/David" issue again.
Nephew is doing okay. We changed his baptismal date to Oct 20th (he chose it actually). I feel like he has a concern that he hasn't opened up about and me and Elder Osborne are just guessing at it. I don't know if he will progress much further until we figure this out
Freda... I like Freda haha. I just met him and as you read in the story he is a pretty cool kid. Gonna meet him later this week
Alex is an interesting one. He met with the previous missionaries for nine weeks straight and when I came kind of fell off the planet and now he is back this week. I don't really know his interest level so I will give you more on him later
We have a couple other investigators but they are all so-so.

Yeah over all things are great and I am happy

Just had our quarterly interview with President Hawks and loves to end with questions and this was mine. In D&C the scripture "Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly..." "let" implies that it is a natural thing and if it is a natural thing there should be a way to increase the virtue we have in our life. I then gave an example of working out, if develop a good plan things will move faster than just sitting around all day. He then gave me these two scriptures Mosiah 3:19 and Helaman 3:25. Talked a lot about yielding or submitting to the Lord because in the reality of all things virtue probably comes at a rate we are not prepared for (since it is from God).... so in other words President Hawks is a smart man and taught me a lot. haha

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