Sunday, November 17, 2013

November 7, 2013

Hong Kong we don't have time changes here (not really sure as to why) but I love it because my body never has to adjust to a new time:)!

Not much has really happened this week just finding, OH before I forget we went to the temple today so that's why my pday is today... I always forget to tell you. My bad... Anyways these last two weeks have been pretty busy, we've gone on 24's twice this last week to watch a troubled missionary and another companionship having issues and that was just interesting. I was with the troubled missionary on Monday and all we did was find all day (from 1230 to 800) in the rain because we never schedule anyone on Monday because its normally our pday. I tried to help him as much as I could help him find his desire and love for finding, how to make it enjoyable, and all these things. We found some goals he hid in his desk and he is trying to decided to go home or not. This so stressful and just such an interesting thing to be working over, we are working pretty close with the assistants and the President with these three missionaries to make sure everything is going to be fine sooo been kind of up tight recently. Yesterday was also my first Mission Leadership Council (meaning all the Zone Leaders and Zone training sisters met together to talk about this new months goals, plans and actions). So that was fun and super intense.... Being in Leadership is so exhausting and makes me worrisome, we also have to meet with the mission president and our stake president soon about our goals for Kowloon so that aught to be fun! haha

Things are just moving along and I think I've started to really understand my mission. Three things I've learned pretty recently:
1. Exact obedience is not hindrance but the greatest thing that we can have. You can not plan to have success or God's blessings if you don't do what he asks us to do. How can we pray for protection when we travel on the high way and break the speed limit? Its the same principle here and now. I need to follow God and Jesus Christ's example foot step for foot step the same or else I can not receive his help now or in the future.
2. The second you allow doubt in your heart you loose trust or confidence in God. Its easy to doubt things and blame things but it takes consistent hard effort to maintain a heart of hope and faith and keep a positive out look. We can change all circumstances with God's help. We can't expect just faith to be enough anymore; we have to give everything and the only thing that I [we] have to offer is our agency and will. When we give literally all that we have that's when you can really see God in your life.
3. I am not as strong as I really think I am. I can say a lot of things, I can learn a lot of things, I can say I have faith but I really am nothing. I had a specific set of scriptures come to my mind 2 Nephi 4: 16 - 35 in the temple today and it really showed me my own weakness. Specifically verse 18 came to my mind. I sat in the temple thinking [after having read verse 18] and it came to my head to read verse 24. I realized that I am weak but I can become strong and there is only one real method to make me stronger. It was prayer and to be ministered too. That is the only way to become stronger.

 Here is a picture from my office with no affects on. God gives us some beautiful moments to find peace in the storm. Gotta love the beauty of God.
 Me and Elder Allen at the Hong Kong temple. Just livin' the good life out here in Hong Kong!
Thanks be to God for all that I have. My Family, my friends and my life. I love you all very much. Stay safe and remember to look up.

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