Sunday, November 17, 2013

September 22, 2013

Week was pretty normal nothing to crazy. We had a typhoon (I assume you know) come back this weekend but we didn't even get hit, the rest of Hong Kong got hit but we kind had a peaceful Sunday. (We had to stay in our flat because it was a 8/10, so really dangerous but nothing happened in our area....)

Back to people in my flat
Elder Falk/Halverson Cantonese
Me/Osborne Cantonese
Dy/Qu Mandarin

Yeah after my experience here no one on earth can tell me Americans are ignorant as to world status and culture because I've met people here who have never even heard of the Holocaust... How do you not know what that is... There was a WORLD WAR about it... A WORLD WAR... what the heck... 

Freda is doing good. This last week was Mid-Autumn Festival (last year I was in CWB with Elder Ward!) so Freda couldn't come to church, had to spend time with all of his family. He is doing good though, we text a lot. I am excited to teach him this week, I think he is really interested

Right now we are teaching Ben (the kid Elder Osborne found but didn't call back and we met under a bridge later) he is doing great has a baptismal date for Oct 27th. Nephew is a kid found by Osborne and his previous companion; he is doing okay. Still has some issues we need to find to help him progress even more but does have a baptismal date of Oct 20th. Then you know about Freda. We do have a couple more but they are still just kind of floating around Paul (or A-Louh), Alex, Sharon and a couple others.

Okay I want to make this clear.... All of Hong Kong is pretty modern. I don't think there is any where here that is like 3rd world or even 2nd world status (unless there is like some hidden bridge to teribitha...). Yeah I like the area its just different from the island but its all the same at the same time. Not to sure to explain it but I am content/happy with it.

Yeah my sisters "die" (go home) Dec 16th... That's right around the corner. BTW I found out I "die" after June... No specifics yet but I will probably know in Nov/Dec-ish. I am kind of hoping August :)

Well the general authority that came was Elder Wilson of the seventy. He was very powerful. I actually got to hear him a couple times. On Tuesday they had a leadership meeting with us (around 40 missionaries elders and sister in leadership callings) came he talked a lot of active service. The assistants and the Hawks also talked to. It was really powerful my favorite quote is from President Hawks, "Value the differences but pull together" something good to live by. He shared on group dynamics the four parts Forming, storming, norming and preforming. It was really cool, mostly because I remember learning about that at BYU haha. I will send some photo copies of my notes next week.. if I remember :D 

I just finished Helamen and I am in 3rd Nephi 10 (?) I think... Its really sad to read what Nephi and Helamen had to face as missionaries sometimes I feel like I relate to them.  I like reading about their missionary work just to the fact that I relate sooo much. 

 So yeah we had a roach problem in our flat... so me and a bunch of missionaries went APE and killed A TON. We had spray... and even a bomb and now we don't really have roaches any more:) sooo happy! BTW this is got to be one of the most scaring experiences of my entire life... When we started spraying places they came out in SWARMS it was like zombie warfare I was soooo disturbed by this...
 Another home made filter! Me and Elder Osborne (my comp) just trying to be as hipster as possible and I think we nailed it...
 ME and Elder Falk had a picture session last pday because we were bored.. Figured out a cool "hack" on my camera to create my own filters and this is one I got. We were just cheesin' all day haha
My MTC district one year to the day we've been Hong Kong (Sept 17th) we look way different now... Hahaa

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