Sunday, November 17, 2013

October 6, 2013

We will watch (Conference) this weekend and I will watch in English. We watch it in our native language because we can better apply what we learn. I really would only understand about 80% of the stuff because it can get pretty deep and I will get lost...

A big mac meal with a milk shake large... is HKD$27.5... its pretty cheap. Pizza is around the same price I think? I don't get it because I could get more food from other places. Food here is SUPER cheap.

There really isn't a story this week. It was pretty boring. 

The only cool thing this week was during finding we met this kid name Jason. I just saw him and said hi and we started talking and stuff. He had no religious beliefs he went to a Christian school but didn't really believe it. So I talked about how he could personally know its true through prayer and he was willing to try it. So we sat down and talked a little more than he prayed. He said he got a good feeling and said he knew God was real. He had to leave though because he had tutoring in a minute but we are suppose to see him again this week soooo hopefully more comes from it.

Ben is doing okay but we had a big last week on Keep the Sabbath Day Holy, Law of Chastity, and Word of Wisdom. Things were going well, had a problem with Tea. But the big issue was Sabbath day. He is in the school club called the JCP its like a mini cop club thingy that's at the beginning of every month and the end and we had a big talk about following God's commandments and not going. Then Sunday 1 am he texts me he isn't coming and so I don't know right now if he will make his date. I think this was the test he was going to have and he made his choice hopefully we can over come it and move forward...

Nephew is doing alright we may need to push back his date a week. He just has been kind of lazy about things but we had a good lesson yesterday on following the prophet and some other small commandments and he seem more pumped BUT he is going to be gone from like Thursday until like next Monday so that puts a damper on things. Yay

Freda is interesting. EVERYTHING is getting in the way of us meeting. Last week he was able to go to a FHE with us but its like impossible to schedule him. Everything gets in the way. School, sports, family. 

Right now is a just a trial for all of our investigators and if they can make it through it they would be gold. Just gotta make it.

THE CRAZIEST THING this week is Elder Ward is going home... He finishes his mission this week. Super weird! He just trained like a year ago haha I am going to miss him.

 This is me and James (also at the BBQ), he is a member in our ward. He is 13 years old and super funny. We play soccer together all the time haha.
 This last Tuesday we had a holiday, well the Hong Kong people did, so went to a BBQ with ward and played lots of games. I was paired up with this girl (Kiki) to do a three legged race! She is so adorable! 
 Peace out!!! (BBQ and she is a member name Lee, most Chinese picture ever haha)
Elder Wards last Sunday in Hong Kong! HE was my trainer and probably has had the BIGGEST influence on my missionary work. Felix and Melody are people we taught and baptized. We got to see each other one last time it was awesome!

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