Sunday, November 17, 2013

October 14, 2013

haha Well your move prediction is wrong... Super wrong. I am now junior companion under Elder Allen (my older MTC district) and oh by the way I am Zone Leader.... Not sure how I ended up here. Last Monday I went into a interview with President Hawks and he talked how I cut a lot of corners. He told me he has seen me be a great missionary at times and just a missionary at others (when I cut corners). I went into the interview because my flat has had issues with "pillow talk" after lights out. We talked for my desire to change and become the missionary I could be. I figured I would stay district leader and nothing would change but the next day (last Tuesday), I got the announcement that I would be a new Zone Leader of a new zone. (The split Kowloon zone in to two, Kowloon west and east. I am in west side). Soooo yeah some big changes; I was told the decision to be zone leader was made the night before moves calls (which is not to common).... So President Hawks is expecting a lot out of me our something. Yeahhhhhh... ha Oh by the way I am serving in Cheung Sha Wan.
Well not much is really going on over here, just readjusting to the shock I am Zone Leader and getting to know my area. I am back in the city and Sheung Shui was called the "farm" so its nice to be back here :D

When I left Sheung Shui our two investigators were doing well, Ben was having some issues with Sabbath day but I think he should over come it pretty quickly. Nephew in my last lesson with him told us that he knew this church was true and got an answer. So he should be getting baptized at the end of the month. Freda has been busy but he is doing okay.

Cheung Sha Wan is a pretty blessed area, we currently have 6 baptismal dates, and like 5 other investigators! Sooooo this area should bring a lot of success. I am pretty stoked to be here. Actually today we had a huge ward BBQ and I got to know a lot of the ward really quickly they are pretty awesome. (I will send some pictures later).

I also got my date for when I come home... I go home June 20th, which means I only serve like 23 month and 2 week mission... Not very happy about that.

I really enjoyed General Conference, a lot of it touched on obedience and the Atonement which really are intertwined because we can't RETAIN our repentance unless we are obedient to what we promise to God. So thats something that I've been thinking about lately was the fact we need to retain our repentance not continuously try to get it back. 

 So this our family picture from my last flat (elder Halverson, Falk, me and Osborne). We took this because Elder Falk and I have moved. I am now severing in Cheung Sha Wan as a Zone Leader. Sooo yeah that was unexpected.
 I also said goodbye to my trainer Elder Ward this week, he finished his mission last Thursday (when I went Zone Leader, we were both freaking out because he watched me from a greenie until now...)
 Me and SiuPangYauh (that means child-- his nickname) 
So this is my new ward, today that had a big BBQ so I got to meet everyone. Elder Allen is my senior comp (he is the white guy with blue shirt in the middle). I am super stoked to be here, this ward is super welcoming and loving. Gonna be an awesome move.

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