Sunday, November 10, 2013

September 3, 2013

The tired thing is just being a missionary its not really that big of a deal. The second I go outside or start talking to people I am fine its just during those dull moments (ie bus rides, boring church talks, etc) I fall a sleep.

The roach problem... Yeah we haven't really done much about that. Just to busy to care... gross and sad. We just kill em when we see em. So that's how that is doing haha. The are just in our kitchen but our food isn't in there (food is like in our living room/bedroom area).

Billy is doing okay but he didn't come to church this week because the last week he has been in Mainland with his family and got back on Monday. I called him yesterday and it sounds like his parents are against him meeting with us because when I tired to schedule him he kept saying, "Oh my parent won't let me go out then" or "My parents want me to study then" something along those lines BUT he is a friend of a member so I plan on using that to meet him again.

So the whole door knocking thing sucks because everyone works all the time and if they are home they don't want to be bothered soooo I just don't like it. I like bumping into people "accidentally" on the street and talking to them soooo much easier and understandable for these people. I have gone door knocking like 10 - 15 times on my mission and have only gotten into two houses and taught only one real lesson with two prayers... It's harder and I don't like it.

I got two stories for ya here is the first one

Sooooo last Tuesday we were going to Siu families house to share a message and get dinner. We had to go under the street through an underpass. In the underpass there is a bike lane on the left, a fence in the middle and then a walking path on the right. So we are walking under this underpass and this kid comes around the corner and goes down the bike side. I wave to say hi and his eyes get huge and he turns around and speed walks away... I was like, "Wow scared that kid pretty bad." He then wraps around the fence and comes up to Elder Osborne (like two feet away... he got really close) and says, "Why didn't you call me back?" I was beyond confused and I could tell so was Elder Osborne. So I started talking to him and apparently he met the Elder Osborne on the street a week before and said he would call him back later but never did or never got a hold of him. So Elder Osborne pulls out his planner and says, "Maybe you can rewrite you number" Before he finishes his sentence he takes the planner out of his hand, flips to the back, and points to a name and says, "Here is my number!" I almost started laughing. I then scheduled him for the following day (Wednesday), we then taught him a lesson on Wednesday, Thursday, he came to church on Sunday and we taught a lesson after church.... He is sooooooo golden. We plan to give him a baptismal date this Friday when we see him again. He is super funny, talkative, brave and cool haha. He is a great kid! When I was getting to know him I asked what he liked to do he said he like to do maaihkeih which is a charity here where kids sell stickers for change and all the change goes to a charity. He said "I love helping people, that's my favorite thing!" And I was like wellllll you are in the right church haha

The second one was last night! We planned to meet a LA and play basketball and we also scheduled a bunch of random kids we met on the street, including the Mandarin kid. So us and the Mandarin elders went and they all didn't show up... So we decided to basketball find. We played with these two kids and it was pretty fun got talking with them and then I saw two more kids on the other court and invited them to play. Turns out one of them is the Mandarin kid I contacted two weeks ago and gave to the Mandarins but he was to busy to meet! They hit it off and they plan to meet again soon! It was crazy because we haven't made contact with Hui (his name) in a while and he just happen to be there! It was crazy and it was a good way to end the day.

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