Sunday, November 17, 2013

September 8, 2013

Food is in the living room because that's were we got space okay? Haha we live in a tiny area... My flat has 6 elders in a space MAYBE the size of your older master room and a half of your bathroom. Actually probably smaller.

I go on splits with the Elders only to check up on them and train them not to get to know the ward or their investigators (those aren't the purposes of splits). A kind of cool story for the week was when me and Elder Dy went on exchanges. He actually is a Mandarin missionary and I found this lady who spoke Mandarin and we were going to pick her up later but to kill time we went finding. So he speaks a different language than me so you can imagine the difficulties that brought upon talking to others. We stopped this kid named Lee and  we talked to him. Elder Dy started of Mandarin and introduced who were are and what we do and I understood all of it in Mandarin (give or take a couple words). Lucky for us the guy was from Gwongxi (an area in mainland which speaks Cantonese -a little different than HongKong- and Mandarin). So we taught this guy in two different languages at the same time. I would say something in Cantonese then Elder Dy in Mandarin. It was cool experience got to see God help me with the gift of Tongues for a bit. We were suppose to go play basketball with him and his friends today but his friends anti'ed him. Elder Dy called him and he acted super weird and said he didn't want to meet. He was like 23ish years old so he might of talked to his friends or a university professor. Its alright, thats what happens here.

Things are moving right along here. I just realized how average my mission has been. 6 months in CWB, two senior comps. 5.5months in Aberdeen one senior comp and then I trained. Then I step trained and DL... Pretty average mission if you ask me (was talking to Elder Falk about it yesterday)... So my theory is now I am going to get moved around like crazy! :D

Ben is the one we met on the bike trail. I wrote a little bit to dad about him but to answer you questions he is 16, lives with his mom and grandma (parents are divorced), doesn't have a  big religious back ground and his mom is Buddhist.

Sad story on Billy. He really wants to meet with us and come to church but his parents won't let them. They use like every excuse in the book, he is busy, he has tutoring, he needs to find a job but they let him go to activities (church ones). Just no missionaries or church. We plan to meet him through FHE at his friends house (Jack)

Ben is just golden as all get out. On Saturday we talked to him on the phone and he asked what is he suppose to wear to church because last week he came in a t shirt and like sweats or something. We told him some nice clothes. That night he went an bought some nice black  Hong Kong style slack/jeans and a nice button up shirt. He looked good haha. He shows a lot of potential! Nephew is doing pretty well just seems a bit shaky. He will take a couple steps forward (in our eyes) but then we realize he hasn't moved all that for or has actually digressed. So we are trying to help him more and I think we can.

Only time I really use English is when I talk to other missionaries or when I use it as a finding tool. I will talk to them and ask if they speak English (most Hong Kong people can speak a little) then I compliment them and it makes it less awkward and plus who doesn't like a compliment on their English from a handsome white guy... Seriously I have been called lengjai (literally translates to handsome boy) or handsome boy so many times its not even funny... Actually its still funny every single time haha

Zone Conference is every quarter, Zone training meetings are every month. So for Zone Conference three Zones meet in Kowloon Tung and there is a bunch of training done by President Hawks, AP's and sometimes ZL's. Its normally a 5 hour thing. Its intense. 

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