Sunday, November 17, 2013

September 29, 2013

Things are going okay up here, little road blocks all over the place. Ben is doing great but didn't make it out to church this week because his Taoist school required him to come to something at his school on Sunday. Overall he is doing great, he asks like a million questions when we meet him so its a nice change of pace from others we have taught in the past. Freda missed church because he felt sick slash slept in because of it. He did come to FHE last night which made up for it. He is doing pretty great just SUPER busy because he is Form 6 (senior year). Nephew missed church as well do to work.... yeah so our big three didn't make it. Kind of sad... We had two others at church and a LA so it was okay...

Yeah we (missionaries in the flat) basically always speak English.... It's our first language sometimes we speak in Chinese and the Mandarins don't know what we are saying and sometime they speak and we try and guess what they are saying. Yeah its a weird dynamic we have... its like 20% chance we actually speak Chinese in our flat... 
Yeah so last week we had a massive Typhoon hit Hong Kong so we decided the best thing to do was go to this really cool waterfall but the path to get there was super flooded so we had to "Indian-Jones-It" and make our way there. Was a little sketchy and scary but so worth it. 
 It was soooooo beautiful and it was sooo big! 
 It's the missionary life haha
Us under the waterfall! It was soooo freaking cold, this is in a mountain by the way. The place is called Bride's Pool. You can google it. It was sooo fun!

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