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August 11, 2013

Yeah well I moved, I was right with my guess this time. So moves calls were last Tuesday and move day was last Thursday. I am now step training in Sheung Shui with Elder Osborne and I am also district leader... Yeah that's exciting. I basically moved across the entire mission. By the way I now serve in Sister Wong's ward (the one I served in CWB with) so that's pretty sweet! (She leaves for BYU I at the end of this month! Yeah sooo I moved from the city to the boondocks. I live right next to the boarder... I can see Shen Zhen (mainland) from my flat (I will send pictures next week I forgot to take some this morning). Yeah over all the area looks okay but has a freaking TON of anti!! Oh my goodness... This last weekend I (Thursday through Sunday) I taught 5 street lessons and all but one got anti'ed WHILE I WAS TEACHING HIM! Elder Osborne said it wasn't like this before I came so we will see but its been pretty frustrating the last couple days. I'm not to worried though I should be able to get past this.

In my district I have 
Sheung Shui sisters (McKown -trainer- Smith trainee)
Tai Wo Elder (Falk trainer Halverson trainee)
Mandarins (Woods -he leaves on Thursday for America :(- and Die)
Sheung Shui Elders (me and Osborne)

Yeah so that's kind of the update.

The last couple of days when I was in Aberdeen/West Point tri-companionship was just crazy. It was hard to get enough time in either area but it worked okay. I went to the girl's home but she wasn't there and I made Elder Martinez promise me he would go back for her. So I really hope he does... I was planning to try twice but didn't really expect to get stuck covering two areas and missed her last Saturday.

As for Peter and David. I tried all I could; I just couldn't reach them and I really hope Elder Au and Martinez can bring them back but its going to take a lot of work. Kenneth is doing great he will be totally fine with his baptismal date of 9/8th (might move it forward) and Dicky is okay... He has this mind set that all religions have truth (which I won't deny) and he can't really just accept one. He also kind of doesn't really understand the scriptures but I think they will be able to help him so I am not to worried.

Right now I am the oldest missionary in my district (because Elder Woods goes home on Thursday)... I think that's crazy considering I've only just barely been out a year now. 

So today for Pday me, Osborne, Woods, Dy and Elder Ward (and his comp Barker) are going to get some K BBQ!!! YEAH :) yummy

Nothing to much is going on honestly. We have like no investigators; last Sunday Sheung Shui Elder baptized their only real investigator sooo I am starting from scratch... Just like Aberdeen. I am little frustrated I left Aberdeen because I finally got it moving! When I got there we were teaching like 2 member presents and 2 other lessons with 1 or 0 people at church. My last week WHILE COVERING TWO AREAS had 5 member presents 5 other lessons and 3 PEOPLE AT CHURCH!!! WITH TWO BAPTISMAL DATE!! UGHHH why... Its whatever I will change Sheung Shui too.

In the Book of Mormon. I just finished Mosiah today for personal study. Right now I am reading through the book of mormon and I high light Jesus' many names that he has given. I've only had about 8 pages from 1st Nephi to Mosiah. So yeah thought that was pretty cool. I just wanted to understand how much the Book of Mormon really talks about Jesus Christ... It talks a lot about him haha. I really enjoy reading about King Benjamin and his address to the people. You really see what a good leader he is and how he leads his people. Kind of thought it was ironic I read that and became a DL a week later... yeah

 Yeah so we went to the ghetto of Aberdeen to go knock on some doors... We saw this little cutie by a door and I ran because the door was open... Lucky enough he had a huge rope holding him! THIS DOG IS HUGE. He came about to my mid hip... Freaking scary as crap!
 This a Rex from Aberdeen ward! He is one of my favorite people in Hong Kong. He actually served his mission in Austin Texas!!!! How sick is that? He leaves for Snow College (in Utah) this month. He has been one of my best friends in Aberdeen
So this was at games night in Wan Chai chapel my last day in Aberdeen! The picture (left to right) elder Martinez, Kyun, A Wai, Me, A Sing, A Joe, and A Kiel. Yeah I found A Wai (kind of) through formers and he ended up bring all these kids. A Wai is awesome! I am gonna miss that kid haha

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