Sunday, September 29, 2013

June 9, 2013

just an update on investigators
We currently are teaching
David, Peter, Anthony, A-Kin, Ken, and 2 more potentials

Peter is probably the best he is reading the Book of Mormon and keeping all of his commitments. On Saturday I invited him to be baptized on July 7th. He said he needs to think and pray about it. My favorite thing though is two lesson ago I talked about the Book of Mormon and it gives you a special feeling no other book or church thing can provide. When we saw him on Saturday he was like "Elder Arrington you are right about that feeling I think I felt it too!" It was awesome!

I hope we baptize him. He would be my first find, teach, and baptize and this area REALLY needs a baptism to get some movement going,
 That tiny yellow dot is a 40 foot tall duck boat thing... Im on top of a mountain and you can still see it... awesome.
 Had a birthday party for a missionary... Yeah it got "crazy" ... no.
 Last week for Pday we hiked Victoria peak and kind of got lost and this is the group trying to figure out how to get there (this was my zone last move a lot of them are gone now)... This basically describes us perfectly...
 Here is my dad (left Elder ward) and my baby (right Elder Martinez) YEAHHH IM A TRAINER BABY!
Me Elder Leung and Brown got really bored on Sunday night and took a ton of random pictures in Jeans... Yeah we look goooooood.
 Elder Parker Passy and I. I WOULD LOVE to serve with both of them!

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