Sunday, September 29, 2013

August 18, 2013

Our flat is SUPER nice very big and new BUT our kitchen has cockroaches. We made a homemade blow torch to kill them (so a can of AXE with a lighter...) yeah it worked pretty well so far. We plan to get a BOMB this week to kill the rest of them off we should be fine.

David and Peter fell off the face of the Earth in Aberdeen. I hadn't seen them in 4 weeks when I left (and the Elders in Aberdeen still haven't seen them). It was Dicky and Kenneth that were there. Its okay though I will find people up here. Starting from scratch again... Looks like that is the story of my senior mission status! 

I hate being DL its just a bunch of small stuff I have to do that sucks up my time to go out. I have to do numbers on Sunday which takes like my entire day. Every Thursday I need to check up on the companionship to see how their week is going and if there are any problems. Once I a month I have to check missionaries Chinese level if they are under 6 months in Hong Kong (that's everyone in my district)... I like it because it allows me to help more people but its just a bunch of small stuff that sucks time from finding... Its okay its fun and President Rogers was right when he said I would lead and help people learn the language... ha

We don't track we call it finding haha well actually for a while we called it finishing because it sounds more fun haha. Just the normal, either on the street or paakmuhn'ing (door-knock'ing). So nothing to crazy.

Pdays... nothing to special last week we got food this week we got EEFY and next week I think we will go hike or go to the beach I don't know yet.

 He is another funny "Zombie Mode" picture haha
 This last week we had a church activity. It was a talent show and home made milk shakes! Of course I let the kid play with my camera because the LOVE playing the affect of my camera. They found the epic setting (this picture) and called it "Zombie Mode" and I got a ton of funny pictures from them!
 At our ward milk shake + talent show activity
 awkward picture of me and Nephew our investigator
 This was my flat last week before Elder Woods left.
 This Elder Woods he just went home this last week (just finished his two years) and I lived with him from Dec to March then again for like two weeks here. I miss this kid, he was an amazing missionary. (He was a Mandarin). The picture is a joke had from me serving in CWB I slept on the bottom bunk and he slept on the top. Every night we would reenact that famous picture of Adam and God almost touching fingers haha. Love this kid
 This is the view outside of my flat! Its sick! When the sky is clear you can see the building from Shin Zin in mainland! THEY ARE HUGE! I think the third tallest building in the world is just behind those mountains!
 Handsome picture of Osborne me and Falk

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