Sunday, September 29, 2013

July 2, 2013

Yeah I finally got the package. We went to the mission office on Monday hoping to pick it up and I got there at 2 and it still wasn't there! (Mail normally comes at like 10 am and 2 pm) Then on my way home they called me telling me it just got dropped off.... So luckily the need to do an apartment check on Thursday so they brought the package to my house. I like the package a lot! I've almost eaten all the mango's already.  I got the shirt to and it fits fine. I like the candy I still have root beer barrels from my last package. I think I am to tight on candy eating.... Uhm yeah we are going to have the salsa this Sunday if we reach our goals (me and Elder Martinez each set 5 personal goals; mine are memorize a scripture in Chinese & English, work out every morning, do my chores every day, learn/retain 150 new words this week and do sounds & tones [Chinese stuff] everyday) . So we both have 5 yes/no goals and if we don't make one we don't get the Salsa... There is some incentive haha. 

Well things are going pretty well as trainer. Elder Martinez is a great kid but doesn't speak Chinese (not like I was expecting him too or anything) so its hard on me. I have to make sure he progresses as a teacher and speaking Chinese but at the same time my investigators get what they need out of the lesson. Its SO hard to balance those two things and at the same time I have to make sure I know what the crap is going on... I hate listening its the most frustrating thing every because if I space out for like 1/10th of a second I lose EVERYTHING... ughhh my ADD is probably going to be resolved by the time I am done with my mission... ha

Well this week kind of was interesting. Had a lot of random problems and issues face us. My Ipod got stolen and I am still mad but honestly when I realized it was stolen (when I got to the church) for some reason my head just said don't worry about it... So I didn't? I am mad that I wasted your money and I think that's what I was mad about not really I lost the ipod (kind of sucked because I lost some pictures and notes). So that was frustrating but alarmingly okay? I don't know its weird. 

The big thing this week is Peter; he was suppose to have a baptismal interview on Saturday but three days before his older brother anti'ed his parents and so they wouldn't sign the permission slip. We met on Saturday and Phoebe (that less active I found) met with him and discussed how to over come this. We explained everyone will have this and Phoebe share her experience. Then I share the others I've seen and we soon decided the best thing to do to fix this was get his mum and dad to church! Well we invite a lot of people to do that but not a lot of kids are brave enough... HOWEVER! Peter is brave enough and showed up with his MUM!!! OH MY GOODNESS! She only stayed for sacrament meeting but I am hoping that's all she needed. There was three talks and they were all brilliant! She looked like she enjoyed and was laughing along with the members at the jokes. We had members sitting by her and her son (we sat a row behind them). Then afterwards EVERYONE said hi and was like "Oh you're Peter's mum?" blah blah blah! IT was awesome. We are seeing Peter tonight and hopefully we can reschedule his baptism.

Phoebe is doing awesome; we are currently teaching her friend A-Gwan (it pronounced like ONE with a "GW" at the beginning). She went back to mainland for vacation and should be back on Saturday. She has a lot of potential and I am stoked!

Sadly I haven't seen the little girl yet.... I went back one time and no one was home. I will probably go back soon though.

Next Monday we are going to Stanley! YAY its in my area but we are going with a bunch of missionaries. Its a beach and all this crazy shopping and other stuff so it will be fun!

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