Sunday, September 29, 2013

June 2, 2013

Well guess what mum... You are always right! Would you like to tell me my future job, wife, how many kids I should have, which stock to invest in? BECAUSE I AM GOING SENOR AND TRAINING... Thanks mum for your black-ma-ma-magic.... thanks...
Well things are pretty much the same. Wilson and Long Man aren't answering their phones so we kind of lost them... Its okay we picked up 4 new investigators this week and they are pretty good. We first found these two kids Ken and David (not friends) then the second time we taught both of them they brought their friends David brought Peter and Ken brought Patrick. WE ALSO FINALLY HAD PEOPLE AT CHURCH! Peter and David came and EVERYONE in the ward (not kidding) freaking said hi (scared them a little) it was cool... Hopefully they keep progressing. 

We still haven't gone back to the girl's home but I plan to this Thursday with my new baby... Ha should be interesting...
Eh I really don't know what to write about just really worried about the next 9 weeks... Regardless of how much I have improved I am still unprepared... Ehhh what ever
Elder Brown is also training (Again) so we have me and Elder Brown and our two babies.
Service for this week just helped out the Fuh Hang Wui people (special needs and old people)
Elder Anderson spoke twice, once to the mission and once to the stake (Hong Kong Island and also Kowloon Stake). It was pretty awesome he talked a lot about the importance of Hong Kong and it is the door for all of Asia (especially China). So it was cool and I listened to him and his translator haha it was weird to hear the difference... Kind of loses the really meaning when its translated to be honest...

Last week we walked from Central MTR to the top of the peak (we are super poor so no tram)

We got a couple investigators the only problem is we go through a lot of them.
Currently we have
David 16yrs old form 4 went to church this week YAY
Peter (David's friend brought him to the second lesson) 16yrs old form 4 also went to church!!
Ken 16yrs old Form 4
Patrick (Ken's friend) 16yrs old form 4
Wilson 25ish but skipped our last lesson
Ms. Yeung 40ish a little crazy...
Alice 15yr old she is super busy so I normally share little message on the phone with her - when she is done with testing we can meet
Rice 18yrs old me and Elder Ward found her in CWB but she lives here... SO I've been trying to meet her but she has work like 24/7 and before that she had the DSE.


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