Sunday, September 29, 2013

July 17, 2013

Sorry I forgot to tell you but we are going to the temple on pday so our pday is today... My bad...
Well Peter and David are doing okay. I think David really has a lack of motivation because he really doesn't do anything besides meet with us and come to church. So its kind of hard to really help him progress. We still meet with him a lot because he does have a lot of potential. Peter is doing okay. He is having a lot of stuff thrown at him. His dad says no to baptism, his brother is anti'ing him and his new job (at McDonalds) wants him to work Sundays (missed church this week because of his job). Its okay though because we met with him and helped him realize he doesn't need to work on Sundays slash he shouldn't. So Me, Elder Martinez and Gordon Chan (RM from NYC south) shared our experiences and ways to work it out. Gordon gave like the perfect personal experience from working in Outback Steakhouse before his mission (yes they have outback in Hong Kong haha). It was cool. So hopefully he can get things all work out.
We haven't really picked up that many new investigators. Still haven't formally sat down and taught A-Wai yet but he did come to church this week! Also we took him and three of his friend (and David and a less active named Ronney) to play soccer yesterday night. It eventually turned into a match with this random team. We got owned at first but then we got organized and did pretty well. I killed people haha! I am not as bad as I thought I was. The other team was in their 20's and invited us back next week so we made some new friends. It was pretty cool and the investigators were impressed at my soccer skills haha! I still got it!
We re-picked up an old investigator Elder Tse  and I taught named Ms. Leung. She is in her 40's has hearing/seeing problems and a ton of other health problems. She speaks with a lisp and it is SO hard to understand... Like some words she says don't even sound like normal Chinese. OH its hard to understand! Its all good though because we used a member named Siu Mahn to help us when she was a kid she had Heart problems and eventually had open heart surgery (like 30 - 40 years ago?). So they related a lot. It was perfect, Siu Mahn even convinced her to skip her church and come to ours (she did come to church by the way) it was a great lesson. We did find out we have to teach A LOT slower that because we reviewed the first lesson and it was WAY to much but that's okay. We just taught about the Book of Mormon yesterday and she is getting it. Just got to teach it slowly.
I am so tired everyday and I don't feel like my energy ever catches up! Like I have to fight to stay awake in studies then by the time its time to find I am FINALLY awake only to be exhausted and stair at the roof all night. Ugh I am tired. Oh well mission life right? I get to enjoy that feeling for 13 more months haha. Me and Elder Brown make so many trunkie jokes to our babies its soooo funny.
 Then we went to Kenson's restaurant (Elder Brown's RC) and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good (super expensive too...) -- this is specialty the "Rainbow Pizza"

 Saw Felix today! He was doing pretty good! He                                                                                                                                        wear all blue... haha

 Seafood pizza!
                                                        A quick good by picture of my at the library... I look weird in it...             

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