Sunday, September 29, 2013

August 4, 2013

This week has been crazy... So freaking crazy. I am currently covering two areas (from last Thursday until this Thursday) because Elder Brown (the blonde elder I live with) became AP this last week. Leaving me with his companion and area... SO I cover West Point and Aberdeen as senior companion... WOOOOOOOOOO fun.... not. But everything is going well so its fine.
I can't reach Peter but I do know where he works. I am planning on this week getting lunch at where he works and just stopping by to say hi. Its really sad to see how far he came then how quickly he fell. Sad to watch the Devil slowly lead us away from the church, it doesn't even take that much.
Dicky is doing great! He has a baptismal date for 8/25th and he should make. He has a decent desire to find out these things are true but the gospel isn't the clearest thing to him. So we are trying to help him. He seems to really enjoy coming to church and meeting with us so I have a lot of hope for him. 

Kenneth is pure gold haha. We taught him twice last week and played soccer together! He is awesome and reminds me a ton of Alex (sorry no picture of him on me right now). His baptismal date is 9/8th but I think we may move it up to 8/25th if he keeps progressing at a quick rate.
I plan to visit the girl this Wednesday; I wanted to go on Saturday but the whole covering two areas screwed it up. Moves calls are tomorrow and I want more than anything to stay (I fasted for it) but I keep getting the feeling that I am leaving (and you just said I am leaving anyways...). Yeah hopefully I can contact her before I go if not I will make Elder Martinez do it for me.

 So right now I have two companions (for this week) and covering two areas: West Point and Aberdeen. This week we went to an activity in West Point and MADE PIE!!! YES!
 Here is the pie I made... There are many like but this pie is mine. It has apples, blue berries, and strawberries! SOOOO GOOD.
 That night Mak family made us dinner, that's a glazed goose they made... Yeah the made it in their house it was crazy.
 Elder Martinez attacking a goose leg!
 Last night we had a big activity called "My Conversion Story" all the missionaries going home pick a person they helped teach to share their conversion stories then people from all over Hong Kong come listen (we brought our investigator Dicky). I got to see Haiti Wong and Felix again! They are like my family in Hong Kong, I miss them a lot.
  This is Elder Wright he goes home this week and he was in my first flat in Hong Kong! He is one of my best friends and its super weird to see him go
This is Elder MacFarlin he is a current AP (Elder Brown is replacing him) and I love this guy haha 

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