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July 29, 2013

I can read most of the Chinese but I am not currently studying characters. President Hawks set a rule that you can start character study when you've been in Hong Kong one year in other words this September I can start studying them. I didn't want to wait but figured I should for obedience sake.
My Cantonese is good by no means is it amazing out of this world. I have the ability to do small talk, teach lessons, talk about sports, movies, music and some other stuff but still nothing to amazing. There are still lots of times I get stuck talking to people. I think as a language you can't really master Cantonese you just keep progressing you can't really master it. I like it and its fun but oh my gosh I wish I spoke Spanish or French or some other simple language some times.... CHINESE IS SOOOO FREAKING HARD OH MY GOODNESS.  Yes - us and Mandarins argue about the language but Cantonese is better sounding but Mandarin is more organized as a language haha. 
Well I haven't got a hold of Peter since he got his job so I think he might be gone for now... We still are trying to contact him but he works so much I can't. David is just being lazy still so we will see what we can do. A Wai (the kid that comes to church but doesn't meet with us yet) is still coming to church and activities every once and a while. So they are doing okay.
The big two right now are Dicky and Kenneth. Dicky is this 25 year old guy that Elder Martinez found and I brought back to the church in Aberdeen and had a lesson with him. He has come to church for the last three weeks, changed work this week so he could come, and he seems pretty good. He has a baptismal date on August 25th. Kenneth is a referral. His sister got baptized this last February but I think she lives in Australia for schooling and stuff (originally from Aberdeen). He didn't know about our chapel so he went to the Wan Chai one and has been meeting with the Causeway Bay Elders (my old area). He got turned over to us last Tuesday but I was on 24's so I haven't met him yet. He is meeting us tonight at 7:00 he also has baptismal date of Sept 8th. The CWB elders said he is super prepared sothat nice!.
We have a couple of other investigators but not showing to much progress but yeah things are doing okay.
I promise I will visit the little girl. I've been wanting to but I think I have just made to many excuses not to go.
Last pday we went to Stanley and played on the beach. Climbed some rocks and played rugby in the sand. I got some/ a ton of pictures to send. I didn't buy anything though... got to busy and ran out of time. Then today a member chang'ed (chinese slang means took us out to eat and paid) to the floating restaurant called Jumbo. Its super famous in Aberdeen (you could probably google it and find it if you like). We also did a little hike today so that was fun.
Moves calls is August 6th, move day is August 8th. I don't have an official date of when I am going home but I am guessing next August at the end of the June transfer (so like August 18th I think?).

So last week for Pday me and all the handsome young men went to Stanley beach (in my area) and ya know did stuff! We climbed some rocks, played in the sand, got in the water to our knees (can't go any deeper against the rules) and played beach rugby! IT WAS AWESOME! I missed the beach sooo much.
 Sorry bad picture but its me and Elder Morton my MTC comp. He is doing good and we are still super close. Missed him a bunch. He has been serving the New T's which is like the border of China and HK... While I was on the Island -- IE the opposite side...
Random sorry but a lot of people asked what I eat as a missionary in Hong Kong... Well my favorite thing to cook is CURRY! It is cheap, SUPER FILLING, taste great, I can cook it pretty fast and its easy! YAY :D
This is me and Elder Passy,... we took a picture from UNDER WATER... I love having a water proof camera is makes me worry lesson when I drop it... :)
So today for Pday a member (Tommy) took us on a hike which took us on top of this dam and then took us to a super nice restaurant (pictures later).
THE HIKE WAS A BLAST :3 -- me and Elder Martinez duck face <3
 This is Tommy... He was poking my face not a 100% sure why though.
 Me and Elder Martinez getting our handsome face on... Yeahhh handsome

 After the hike we all went to whats called JUMBO! Its a restaurant that is floating in the middle of a canal! Its super famous here (and I guess to the world?). Its awesome very transitional and pretty!
The style of food we ate is called yamcha (sorry don't really feel like going into to detail but its basically steamed food of sorts) anyways elder Martinez and Loderup have heard a ton about it but never had it... They were excited!
 Where we ate had this epic chair as the center piece of the room and we were allowed to get pictures on it! They had the cool traditional outfits you could pay to wear but we are way to broke for that.

This is the seal or something for the place... its coool
Before we left me and Elder Brown got a picture with this girl because her dress was cool... She was blown away when we asked her in Chinese haha it always is funny to watch Chinese people realize we speak Chinese also.


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