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July 7, 2013

About the name tags. The bi-language name takes were never church approved but Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and California (Chinese missionaries) have had them for almost the last 55 years but they were never church approved. So they made all those missions switch to single language name tags. Its SUPER annoying because everyone asks for your English name and its really easy to show them with our old tags. Whatever I was frustrated at first but I don't even notice anymore. I am just glad I got three of those name tags before the stopped making them.

Elder Martinez is from SLC his family has been Mormon forever. His great-grandmother set up the first Spanish branch in Utah. He is the first in his family to serve (has two older sisters, one younger brother and one younger sister). His second oldest sister just started her mission in Austin or Houston Texas (I forgot) like last week. So he is the first by like 3 months... He is pretty cool. He wrestled and played football and rugby. He loves everyone and we fart around a lot. We have a good relationship its like me and elder ward. Its funny because he makes the same mistakes I made but he tires a lot harder than I did so that good.

Peter... Well his mum is fine with him getting baptised but she hasn't come back to church and doesn't really have interest. His dad still hasn't changed and isn't really even listening to him so we are working on him next. His brother is still being a punk. It doesn't matter though because Peter wants it a lot so I am not to worried

Well about Phoebe and A-Gwan... They just changed our rules in the mission as of last week that we (elders) are suppose to turn all unmarried girls under the age of 30 to the sisters. I HATE THIS RULE MORE THAN ANYTHING ON THE FREAKING EARTH... They had the rule one month before I came to Hong Kong but took it off but now they are bring it back. They said we have all these sister lets use them!!! why can't they find their own investigators? WHY AM I GIVING MY INVESTIGATORS TO SOMEONE ELSE... WHY? Seriously frustrated right now because I have to turn over Phoebe and A-Gwan.... A-Gwan will totally get baptized she is super prepared (from mainland).  whatever... Like I've said a million times on my mission just smile and move on.

Still haven't seen the girl I will go back soon probably next Saturday when families are home.

Really isn't much of a story this week... Welll I got a funny one but I need to send the pictures of it... Its a father-son kind of moment... sooo dumb haha

Oh by the way I shook a twelve fingered man's hand last week... Like from the "AS YOU WISH" movie... blanked on the title. I didn't even notice until Elder Martinez pointed it out after we had walked away. He was freaking out haha

Well one story I guess....
Last Wednesday me and elder Martinez went finding for 7.5 hours..... HOLY CRUD... It was like 30C all day with like 88% humidity. We talked to a ton of people but got 0 lessons. We met some super golden people but wouldn't give us their phone number to reschedule them. Basically nothing worked that day. We got like 15 phone numbers all but one was fake and the one real one is busy with work this week... Yeah so pretty much an awful day. Then Thursday we had more finding again..woo.. A random former (that I've never met) calls me named A-Wai. I start talking to him on the phone (Elder Martinez keeps finding) and he is like I will come to church this Sunday. I was like okay? Then that was kind of the end of the conversation. Hour later we were meeting with a LA named Ronny and he calls back. A-Wai was like are you at the church right now? (Yes) So he came by with two friends and we talked. Then the next day he came to English class with a third friend. We couldn't teach a lesson because he was busy and wasn't able to come to church because of a family lunch or something. I am just hoping that it is a blessing from God for that 8 hour day of finding... I really hope. We are suppose to see him this week.

 This was Elder Martinez and me first fast Sunday dinner together. Looks pretty good right? Can you guess the sauce that we used? Well there was a monsoon on Sunday so we couldn't go out and I was starving so we decided to make dinner... We found some noodles that had been sitting (unopened) in a cupboard since I got to Aberdeen (so like 18 weeks) so I figured we could use them... We made it but didn't have any sauce. So we looked through the fridge. We found the following: Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo, expired jam, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar and some other stuff... So we mixed Mustard, Soy Sauce and some sugar and made this... It was AWESOME... I think we were at the point of starving haha.
 Yeah me and Sister Law at a Zone Training meet last Friday for a year mark together!! WOOO made a year baby just a one more to go! :D
 Me and Elder Martinez's best "ARE YOUR SERIOUS FACE?" We make this a lot being missionaries in Hong Kong (because we see the weirdest stuff here...) and Elder Brown was able to catch them beautifully on film with my camera.

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