Sunday, September 29, 2013

June 17, 2013

So things here are pretty much the same. Cycling through investigators and trying to resuscitate old ones. Right now our only golden investigators are Peter and David. They both have a baptismal date for 7/7/13! Peter says he knows its true and wants to get baptized but David wants to know if its true but hasn't figured out if it is yet. We found David and David brought Peter to the second lesson so the whole thing is kind of a miracle in itself. 
Actually do you remember Kiko, Melody's friend in CWB, she is getting baptized tomorrow! I am taking Peter and David to go see it (hoping it will help them). I'm super stoked! All of our other investigators are kind of in the process of dying... Its sad to watch them go because they just won't try the things you invite them to do. Peter has done everything we have invited him to do so in-turn he has come to know its true. The people who don't or lie to me (which happens a lot... BLOWS my mind they lie to me) never really progress and will eventually die off.
Well the area is doing okay. I am super exhausted though. Being senor takes so much energy because I have to always be listening. Last move I could choose to listen because Elder Tse had my back but now I have to have Elder Martinez's back. Its exhausting and my Chinese is not to great so I have to listen super hard.... I'm tired...
Yeahhhh so that's really it not much really. I'm losing weight, learning Chinese, and reading the Book of Mormon that's about it.

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