Sunday, September 29, 2013

May 27, 2013

Well about the investigators -
Mr. Wong... Sad but he kind of just died off... He has no really interest any more it just stopped and he is busy with work and this that and the other thing so its just hard to meet him. So we still try but he is kind of gone as of right now.

Adrean is busy with testing and wants me to call him back in June so I will be giving him a call in a week or so. (People's lives shut down during testing here... Not even kidding its crazy. Like people will literally going missing for two weeks...)

A-Sing well he is doing great personally,  he has read like basically entire Book of Mormon and prayed a ton about it BUT we haven't seen him in like a month sooo he is progressing personally but not really at the same time... ha yeah... Still working on that one

The little girl... Sadly no we haven't gone back I want to but E. Tse doesn't think the mum will let her. If I go on 24's with someone I will go back -- I might bring it up with him again this week. Yeah I will try to visit her again. I do want to meet her.

There is no new way to find people here... You just smile and talk to EVERYONE and pray that someone stops. Yeah people just don't like missionaries... They will do everything the can to not talk to you. One guy ran across a highway and almost got hit twice to avoid us. Just to let you know Aberdeen is kind of known for the weirdo's it has... We meet a lot of weirdo's on a daily basis. 

As for new investigators we got some. 
Long Man 15 years old pretty nice, a little sarcastic has potential but parents are CRAZY catholic... They called our church Satan's church haha yeah.... We've taught one lesson on the street and one other so he is new.

A-Pui -- Kid had no interest but gave us his phone number we scheduled him and shared probably the strongest first lesson I've had with E. Tse than at the end he just kind of denied it all and said he had no interest... I had a weird feeling about it. We met with him again this week he read Alma 32 and had a TON of questions and EVEN more about the Book of Mormon. He brought up Deu. 4:2 about no new books... Such a dumb question but I explained it and he agreed with me. Starting to have interest which is cool

Willson is this new guy super nice but a little strange. He has interest but is kind of a busy guy (think he is a engineer) shared the first lesson and gave him a Book of Mormon and had a decent amount of interest and we will see him this Tuesday.

We have like 3 - 2 more other new investigators but I am low on time. We basically just replaced all of investigators this week...

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