Sunday, September 29, 2013

July 21, 2013

Clothes are doing fine. Still have all my orignal socks (except I am only down to 5 pairs... someone has been stealing my socks), I got all my shirts still!!!! (Most of them have no stains but they are starting to lose their white luster...) Yeah over all clothes are doing well don't really need to worry about it. A member from international gave me and Elder Krainock some nike running shoes for Chinese new years (SUPER FREAKING NICE SHOES HOLY CRAP) so I don;t really have to worry to much about clothes for a while. Maybe a new suit in November when we need to wear suits again.
Playing soccer with those kids (and our investigators) was super fun. I still am pretty good but really sloppy. A little sad about that but I can definitely get it back when I come home. David, Ronny and everyone else really seemed to enjoy it and they were impressed at how good I was which was cool. I shot so much harder than everyone else did it was funny.
The whole Satan thing is so true. He takes you in the easiest ways without you realizing it. Mine in all honesty was probably the numbing of my senses with music... I listen to a lot of messed up stuff and I was aware of it (not even talking about hard core music aka screamo but the harsh lyrics of rap). Its the small and simple things that catch you. For David its just the simple fact that he is to lazy to try and unfortunately for Peter its his family and a new job. He hasn't been to church in three weeks... So I don't know what to do.

We can teach Ms. Yeung because she is over the age of 30. So the rule is above the age of 30 or married. (Or a sibling of a current investigator being taught at the same time kind of thing).

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